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  1. Default Road trip from Vegas to San Diego

    Hi everybody,

    I'm a french student studying for the quarter in Ohio, and I'm planning with 4 friends a road trip. Here are the places we want to go:

    * Las Vegas
    * Death Valley
    * Sequoia Park
    * Yosemite Park
    * Lake Tahoe
    * San Francisco
    * Los Angeles
    * San Diego

    We plan to rent a camper but on every web sites I went, they asked for a minimum age of 25... And the oldest potential driver is 24.

    Do you know any company that will accept "under-age" drivers?

    Thanks a lot for your answers!

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    Default Specialty Vehicles

    Generally specialty vehicles, and that would include RVs, are pretty much off limits to drivers under 25. I believe the insurance is just too much for companies to take a risk on what are considered the highest risk group of drivers, especially when you are talking about a $100,000 vehicle.

    I think you'll probably have to go with renting a car. That shouldn't keep you from doing a roadtrip, you'll just have to change your planning and approach a bit.

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    Ok, thanks a lot for your answer.

    We thought about this solution cause it seemed to be the most convenient way to not worry about where to go, hostels...

    One more question, is there a lot and cheap camps where we can use tents in the places we're going to visit?

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