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  1. Default Roadtrip across US w/ no route


    My friend and I are going to embark on a road trip to every state except Hawaii, and go to Canada as well.

    While i am researching and planning for this trip, i could use some help
    figuring out any answers to problems that i haven't seen yet.

    We are starting in California, and are planning to make this a long and out of the way trip.

    any tips, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Blank Slate

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Without knowing more about you or your trip, the best I can do is to point you to those threads here which discuss various parts of the country which you'll be driving through, which is all of them, For some entry points try reading through these lists of attractions for each of the states and provinces, and, of course, carefully peruse the planning pages. But at two years in duration, this is more a life style change than a trip.


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    Default Help us help you

    Could you be more specific on the type of help you are seeking?

    I'm sure you know that every single one of us here are very envious of you right now!

    Do you have any specific goals/challenges planned? Like visiting the exact geographic center in each state, or something fun like that?

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    basically, my friend and i are a little fed up with life down here at the moment.

    we're both young and wanted to do something that is a complete change of pace.

    so i put up the idea of going everywhere in north America, and doing whatever it takes to do it.

    while most trips are short term, this is going to be a long one.

    we'll be driving a (free and with a custom built engine) Ford Bronco.

    the truck bed should hold us over for a place to sleep for most of the time.
    We're already compiling lists of every relative across the country so we can sleep there when we get there.

    The nature of this trip isnt to get anywhere, but to go everywhere, and the adventure of getting there.

    I expect this to be a hard, but really great trip and it sounds like the best idea at the moment.

    i mean, i figure i can only do this particular trip once or twice in a lifetime and it seems like a pretty cool idea.

    But we do have work as well.

    we'll be keeping logs of
    -every place we go
    -something about that place
    -people we'll meet


    plus a log on the truck's engine etc. oil changes.

    i would like to know some 'obstacles' that get in the way a lot when you're on the road, being as i haven't taken too many long road trips.

    any ideas, or questions or comments are extremely welcome!


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    Default Obstacles?

    Gosh, the only things I can think of that will be obstacles with a trip of 2 years are:
    * running out of money
    * getting tired of your traveling companion and/or disagreeing with where to go/what to do
    * getting tired of being "on the road" (something I have a hard time imagining but I suppose it could happen)
    * vehicle breakdowns without funds to fix

    Really, with 2 years planned for this, you shouldn't have any problem meandering around and seeing whatever you want to see. And you would also have time to "settle" in a place for a few days or even a few weeks if you find it fascinating and want to explore it in more detail. And you and your friend can definitely take time to do a lot of things apart so you won't get tired of each other's company. Heck, you could even part for several days at a time as long as one doesn't mind being vehicle-free for a few days.

    I think you'll get tired of sleeping in the truck bed. I would bring two small tents and other camping gear. Why two tents? So you can get that break from each other. Most campsites allow for up to two tents so it shouldn't cost you anymore to camp. Of course, you'll probably want good cooking campgear, too.

    I'm really not sure what kind of other obstacles you expect. I think as long as you can fund your trip and enjoy the company of your friend (and vice-versa), you can make this trip be whatever you want. You don't have time-crunch obstacles that most people are dealing with.

    Enjoy! Let us know if you have something more specific you need help with. And we'd love to hear periodic reports of how your roadtrip is coming!

  6. Default Roadtrip across US w/ no route

    My friend and i have been planning a roadtrip across the US, and we are going to go where the wind takes us. This roadtrip is going to be a long one

    (We're shooting for up to a year on the open road)

    We don't have much money, probably $7600.00

    We have a bronco, so we will sleep in the back, and we will be working in towns etc. as we come to them.

    We're not just passin' through the US, we are experiencing the US.

    We are prepared to live and be as frugal as possible (being that our bronco is going to eat gas, but on the bright side, it was recently rebuilt with a new engine, so our bronco only has 10,000 miles on it.)

    We have been planning for some time now, and im working the numbers, but i need help on how to feed ourselves on the road. This is our biggest problem so far.

    assuming we get up to 20mpg from this bronco , at an average gas rate of $3.75, and if we fuel every 2 weeks, it will cost us around $3360.00 for the year, but plans never go the way they should, so im saying $4500.00 for gas only. keep in mind, it's not distance, so much as time spent away from home.

    I'm fine with camping for a couple of weeks. I'm fine staying places for weeks at a time.

    so, assuming that we come up with that $7600.00 and assuming that we spend up to $4500.00 on gas alone, that leaves us with $3100.00.

    setting aside about $1000.00 on misc. things like cool junk/ emergency repair, or bail money (whichever one comes first)

    we will have around $2100.00 for food.

    now if we spend 40 bucks a week, it's going to cost us $2240.00 for food alone. i don't mind going hungry from time to time, but how do we keep a steady diet of cheap food that isn't hard to access and is filling?

    please, any tips on anything road trip related would be put to good use, seeing as this is the first road trip my buddy and i will be going on without parents or work or school in mind.

    This road trip is the only thing that i know i must do, and it will start on June 30th.

    I figure you guys are pretty much the smartest people when it come's to road trippin, and i want to learn.

    thank you for reading this
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    Default living on empty

    I really don't think you are giving yourself a good grasp on what it really costs to live. You're basically planning to have 2 people live for a year on $3000.

    To put that in perspective, the poverty line for 1 person is $10,400 per year. And someone who flips burgers for minimum wage would make about $12000 in one year. You are proposing to have 2 people live on 1/4 of a burger flippers salary.

    Also think about $40 per week for food, for 2 people. That works out to less than $3 per day per person. Are you really prepared to live on ramen noodles and peanut butter every day for a year? That's all you've budgeted for.

    You also have almost no money budgeted for any living expenses. Camping costs money, and even if you decided to live in a van down by the river for your entire trip, I'd hope you'd occationally spring to buy a shower and a bar of soap.

    What about money for your cars insurance, and for basic maintainance while you are on the road, much less any major repairs that could be needed? If you are going to try to use your $1000 reserves for all of this, your money will go much faster than you are currently planning.

    Right now, I don't think you have a very good grasp on how much it costs to live. You might be able to make things work, but it wouldn't be a trip that would be anything about experiencing the US, it would be a trip about survival.

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    My thought is that you should look into ways to make money along your trip. Check out these links:

    And maybe ask your friends and relatives that you'll be staying with if they can help you find short term work. Also, if you can do any work over the internet, that could help you out as well. (I do web design, hubby programs, and my brother-in-law sells cars and other high priced items on commission.)

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    Default Tips

    Travel during the week.
    Stay put on weekends to see how the locals live it up.

    Sell the Bronco, and get something with fold down seats and around 30mpgs.

    Move once a week, till you run out of cash, then get a job.

    Never splurge, it will not make you happy.

    Stay clean, you will be invited for free food more often.

    Romon noodles can be very tasty, about 10 cents a cup

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