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    Hi All, good to be here.

    We will arrive in Rapid City mid-July to visit Mount Rushmore afterwards we will travel down to Denver cross the Rockies to Grand Junction then head down through Utah to Monument Valley. After to the highlight of the trip Grand Canyon and the 'Skywalk'.

    We wouild love any suggestions on what's a 'must-see' on that particular route, or, if you can suggest a better way, then we would be very grateful to read it. Anyone heading over to Scotland in the future can count on our help.

    The Very Best
    The Braveheart of Scottish Family (Dad, to you and me !).

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you're certainly well on your way to having a good trip. You didn't say how long you have, but a few of the possible extra highlights would include Rocky Mountain National Park, Arches NP, and/or Mesa Verde NP.

    I should also note, just to make sure you understand. The Skywalk is part of a Native American Reservation on the West edge of the Grand Canyon, it is not part of Grand Canyon National Park. It is also quite expensive - about $75 per person.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There is, of course, lots more to do in western South Dakota than just see Mt. Rushmore. I didn't see the following mentioned in Peter's travels, but are also worth the time while you're in the area: Devils Tower and Wind Cave. On the way down to Denver, take the side trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and wander Pearl Street in Boulder. West of Denver I-70 will take you through the heart of the Rockies and then US-191 south takes you right by Arches National Park. When you get down to Monument Valley try to arrive at sunrise or sunset and hiring a native guide is well worth it. Another worthwhile side trip from this area is Mesa Verde in the southwest corner of Colorado. In either case, it's then a rather direct drive by way of Cameron and US-180/AZ-64 to the main segment of the Grand Canyon. The Skywalk is not part of the national park but is in the 'West' Canyon on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. It is not reachable except by taking a concession bus into it so that the total minimum cost for seeing the Skywalk is $75 (£38) minimum per person. Cameras are not allowed on the Skywalk. On your way to Los Angeles, if you're felling a bit homesick (or want to see how the mighty have fallen) you can stop in Lake Havasu City and have a look at the erstwhile London Bridge.

    Anyway, thanks for the offer of help on my next trip, but it would be hard to top my last one. I went when I was a geology student and happened to stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Jedburg where the husband was a Civil Engineer and had just rediscovered the Great Unconformity after it had been lost for many years and showed it to me. I then hiked out to Siccar Point where I tore up my ankle trying to get down to it, got introduced to an early form of nationalized medicine and put on a cane. I then took my mother to Balmoral where, because of my injury, they actually let me drive onto the grounds - had to stop as Princess Anne trotted across the road. I hope you have as much fun on your upcoming adventure.


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