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  1. Default Renting cars; two drivers under 25 years of age?

    I posted earlier about the coast to coast roadtrip me and my friend are planning this summer. We were planning on picking the car up in Philly and dropping it off in LA.
    I'm 23 years old, and my friend will be 22, and we are aware of the additional charge if the person renting is under 25 years old (on hertz it's an additional $27/day). While it will add up to a lot of money, it's something we'll simply have to pay.

    The big problem is that on Hertz for some reason the minimum age of the additional driver has to be 25. Not even an additional fee if the other driver is less than 25 years, they just don't seem to allow it in any way.

    I've checked with Avis and a few other rental companies, and others seem to have the same policy. So if anyone can recommend a rental company that would allow two drivers under 25 years of age (even if we have to pay extra) it would be very helpful.
    I reckon it'd be pretty rough for just one of us to do all the driving, so this is a major obstacle.
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    Unfortunately, since the age policies for car rental chains vary by location, its not easy to give you an exact answer. For example, even among Hertz locations, the policies for underage drivers can be different in New York and Philly. Sometimes you'll even see different rules for airport and non-airport locations within the same city for the same company.

    Really the only thing we can say is to simply shop around at as many locations as it takes to find one that meets your needs.

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    Thanks for the advice, I guess I'll have to contact them just to make sure.

    I found a few rental companies such as Fox Rent A Car who state "Additional drivers must meet all qualifications as the primary driver in regards to age, license, and major credit card." which sounds perfect except they've only got locations on the west coast. So close =)

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