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  1. Default New York To San Francisco beginning Of May.

    I'm planning to drive from NY - CA in early May. Car hire is already booked. I have about 3 weeks for the journey and my route pretty much planned. I've decided to take in a mixture of southern and desert routes. I'm very interested in the southern states and their rich musical heritage and also the amazing scenery of states like Colorado, Utah and Nevada.

    I realise that it's impossible to cover as much as one would like in just three weeks. But I've already seen some of the western sights such as the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Lake Mead, Joshua, Vegas and Highway one between LA and San Francisco during a previous trip, so i'm hoping that that will relieve the pressure somewhat ;)

    Planned Route :-
    New York - Virginia - North/South Carolina (Blue Ridge Parkway) - Georgia - Alabama - Mississppi - Louisiana - Texas - Colorado - Southern Utah and then onto Salt Lake City- Nevada - San Francisco.

    Would it be resonable to possibly take a diversion to Nashville Tenessee and perhaps Memphis?

    If anybody has any feedback, comments or tips I'd be ever so grateful. We're generaly looking for interesting culture, points of musical interest and of course natural beauty.

    BTW. Thanks for an awesome site, it's been a valuable resource while planning this trip.
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    Default "musts?"

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I always hate dealing with the term "must see," but if you are talking about a trip featuring southern music heritage, I'd have a real hard time leaving out Nashville and Memphis.

    What I might do is get to New Orleans, and then go back north along the River Road towards Memphis and keep going into Missouri, and then take I-70 out to Colorado. That would also add St. Louis and Kansas City to your route, which both have their own deep musical history.

    The only downside is that you might leave out Texas, or do Texas and then backtrack towards Tennessee, depending upon your specific priorities.

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    Thanks, for the suggestion, it's very much appreciated! Taking the River Road back north hadn't occured to me and using it would solve my dilema and at the same time allow us to spend some time on the Mississppi. Thank you!

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