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  1. Default Planning 2wk Ft Worth to L.A. with many stops


    I'm just starting to plan an August trip from Fort Worth, TX to Los Angeles over 14 days.

    So far I have put together a rough route on google maps (route goes all the way to San Diego, however I think I may shorten it to L.A.)

    The plan would be to rent a car, drive to L.A. and fly back to DFW.

    Ambitious list of destinations:

    Grand Canyon (full day)
    Zion (and maybe other souther Utah NPs?) (full day)
    Lake Mead/Hoover Dam (half day)
    Las Vegas (full day)
    Yosemite (full day)
    San Fransisco (full day)
    California beaches (two days, maybe 3-4 beaches)
    L.A. (full day and flight home)

    I figure about 50 hours of driving (~2700 mi) leaving over a week to do sightseeing.

    One thing I don't like about my route is the large amount of interstate driving. I'm looking for suggestions on scenic routes I may have missed along the way.

    Any other suggestions for quick stops, places to stay, or anything else are welcome!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you've filled up 14 days quite nicely. Your 2700 miles of driving adds up to about 5 full days on the road, plus the 9 days worth of "full day stops" you've listed, sounds like you are well on your way.

    As far as Interstate driving goes, it doesn't look to me like you are doing all that much. The only real stretch I see is along I-40, which certainly is the primary route where you are talking about going and essentially replaced Route 66. There will be some stretches where you could still use the old road if you'd like, otherwise, you can just stop in some of the towns that still have that yesteryear flavor.

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