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    Default Nashville TN to Charleston SC

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. My Mom and I are taking a road trip from Nashvile TN to Charleston SC in a few weeks. I've been plotting the route online and have received two different options, and wondered if I could get advice as to which may be the better. The difference in the number of miles is very small, so to me it's just preference, but maybe one route is actually better than the other, never driven to SC before.

    One route is to take I-24 to Chattanooga, pick up I-75 in Atlanta, then pick up I-20E, before picking up I-26 in South Carolina and heading into Charleston. This to me seems like a lot of switching up and man I don't want to go through Atlanta if I can help it.

    The other route, which I'm more familiar with, is to take I-40 East through Knoxville, then pick up I-26 and head into Charleston that way. This is only 10 miles shorter, but seems much more direct, and like I said, I've driven I-40 many, many times, so think for me this is the best way.

    I think in writing this, I've answered my own question, but just wondered why some online sites give such vastly different options for the same trip I guess.

    We've got some time on the trip back home to Nashville and may want to hit some interesting sites outside of Charleston, so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to pass them on!


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    Default Other Considerations

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You know, I have the same trait where simply writing things out helps me make a given decision, so I completely understand where you got while posting. I also agree that I-40/I-26 would be my route of choice both for what's on that route (The Great Smoky Mountains and a couple of historic Revolutionary War battlefields including Cowpens and Kings Mountain) and what's not (Atlanta). If you have just a little time on the way back, those would be my recommendations for stops along the way. If you have a couple of days or more, you might want to consider something completely different and stay off the Interstates altogether. One thing I like to do is just draw a straight line on the map and take the roads closest to it. In this case that would be some combination of US-78, US-178, US-76, US-74 and US-41. Those would let you really explore the country you're driving through and would certainly bring you to some unexpected locations. Stop at local visitor centers and historical societies as well as state parks and forests along the way for something unlike the usual high speed drive.


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    Default Avoid Atlanta

    Hello Lisa,

    Yep, 10 miles shorter and you get to go by Asheville, NC and avoid Atlanta? That'd be me.

    As to why the digitized mapping programs send you on a wild goose chase, who knows? All we need to know is to not rely on them as a sole method of planning or navigating, and we're collectively good to go.


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