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  1. Default Atlanta to the Grand Canyon - need suggestions

    My family and I are going on our first RV trip this summer. We will be renting a Class A motorhome and plan on taking 2 weeks to travel from Atlanta to the Grand Canyon and back. Since we're new to this, we're unaware of all the resources available to planning our trip. Ideally, with the time we've alotted, we'd like to be sure to make well planned stops along the way and take in special sites. Is there a resource that we can use to help us plan this out?

    We'll take any and all advice you can provide. Our kids are 11 and 7 and we're all really looking forward to the trip. We look forward to hearing your suggestions!

  2. Default Me too!

    I'm doing a cross country trip this summer and part of it is Atlanta to the Grand Canyon. I look forward to seeing other people's responses.

    Thanks for posting.

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    Default I think we're the best resource!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    Ross & Alice give some excellent tips for some of the areas your're going there in this discussion.

    The search feature, in the green tool-bar above, allows you to find many posts that cover the areas you're traveling through.

    You might scroll through "cool places to explore", "scenic drives", "destinations and attractions", and "routes and itineraries" for just a few more resources on this website with some fascinating information. Even though of us who frequent RTA find ourselves amazed with the amount of information and resources on this website.

    One of the easiest and best ways to get started is to get a good atlas and simply look it over, seeing what kind of national/state parks, cities, and other things are shown on the map. Quite often, this is enough to give you a good idea of what specific things are along the way and give you a rough guide to what your preferred route should be. You should have your kids do this, too, with you. Trips are more fun for kids when they help with the planning and get a place or two that they have specifically picked out to look forward stopping at.

    After playing with paper maps, you might want to play with some of the online planning tools available. These reviews might help you determine which one you would prefer to use. One not mentioned there that is quite helpful is GoogleMap.

    Anyway, once you've done some of this preliminary work, you might come back here with more specific ideas and questions and we'll advise you as best we can.

    Happy planning and let us know more specifically what information you need from us to help you plan a fantastic vacation!

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