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    We've driven from Dallas to Orlando twice and never stop to look at anything. In July we're planning a trip to Destin and I thought I'd see if there's anything interesting to see on the way or a great place to eat. It will be me, my DH, DNeice16 and DS9.

    Any suggestions?


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    Sure, there are lots of interesting things to see on the way. At 700-800 miles (depending on how you go) this is actually an excellent candidate for a two day trip with a few hour long stops along the way. The way I'd go would be to use I-20 or US-80 east, maybe alternating between the two as the mood strikes. Just east of Shreveport, there's Gibsland where Bonnie and Clyde were gunned down. There are a couple of small museums in town and a small marker out on the highway. Then still farther east, when you cross the Mississippi, you'll be in Vicksburg home to one of the great Civil War Battlefields. Then US-49/US-98 would take you down to the Gulf at Mobile. Between there and Destin there are several possibilities along the coast including Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge and Gulf Islands National Seashore


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