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    I'm moving to Charlottesville from San Francisco by car and moving truck/trailer with a few friends this summer. It will have to be a fairly quick trip so I'm thinking of taking 5 days and I don't plan on much sight-seeing. I've never made a trip like this before, so I'd like an idea of whether this sounds like a feasible amount of time and also any tips on a good, efficient route with as much natural beauty as possible.

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    I'm glad that you're not planning on sight seeing, because you'll just have time to make the drive.There are actually two completely different possible routes, and a third that combines parts of the two. Those three routes differ by less than a hundred miles, but in your case that hundred miles could make the difference, so I'm going to recommend that you simply take the shortest route and just enjoy the scenery along it. We normally say that about 550 miles constitutes a full day's driving. In a truck/trailer, even that is going to be pushing your limits. It's 2805 miles from Charlottesville to San Francisco or 5 days of 560 miles each day. That is by way of I-80 to the Lincoln, NE area then I-29 down to Kansas City, I-70 to St. Louis and I-64 to Charlottesville. The other thing I'd recommend that you do is book your rooms ahead and space them out at good 550-560 mile intervals. That will let you keep a steady, sustainable pace for the duration of your drive and not waste time trying to find lodging in the evening. Evenly spaced stops would be around Wells, NV; Laramie, WY; Nebraska City, NE; and Dale, IN. Now those aren't large or famous towns, but that's an advantage in your case given the rig you'll be trying to handle, and they should have a choice of motels near the Interstates.


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    Thanks! Just out of curiosity, what's the other route?

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    Default The Other Route

    The other route follows I-5 south to Bakersfield and then uses CA-58 to connect to I-40 east. I-40 would take you all the way to Knoxville, TN from which I-81/I-64 gets you to Charlottesville. That route would add an hour or two to the drive and normally I wouldn't even worry about such a difference. But you are stretched pretty thin to make the transit in 4 days, and your truck/trailer combo is going to keep you at a fairly slow pace, so as I said, I'd take the shortest, most efficient route possible. It's still going to be tough to cover the required ground in the allotted time.


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