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  1. Default New York and Texas Loops

    Hi all,

    We're planning our first road trip, and have decided to finish in the same place we start. we are doing two circles rather than travelling between NYC and Texas due to the drop off charge of car rental companies

    The plan at the moment is to start in NYC and take in the following:
    Wasington DC
    Niagara Falls

    New Orleans

    We probably have around 5-7 days to complete each loop. can any one suggest routes, places to stay, places to visit or anything else that may be any hope to us first timers?
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    Default Two Loops

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The New York loop has been discussed many times on these forums. For some of the best options, check out these threads. The Texas and Lower Mississippi loop has not come up as often, but some of the highlights of such a trip would be the Creole Nature Trail, Space Center Houston, the Riverwalk and Alamo in San Antonio, the night life in Austin, the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, Hot Springs, AK, and Beale Street and Mud Island in Memphis. If Graceland is also on your itinerary for Memphis, then you should probably take US-78 from Memphis to Tupelo and see Elvis' other famous home and then take the Natchez Trace Parkway down to its namesake city and then the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway into New Orleans.


  3. Default Car Rental

    Hey All,

    I wondered if any of you can help with a good car rental company? The problem is we want two drivers of under 25 which seems to be a problem with quite a few companies. All will let one under 25 drive - for a premium of course (some as high as $115 a day!) but I can't seem to find one where two under 25s can drive.
    Anyone ever come across this problem and managed to over come it?
    We are planning two week long road trips in July from New York and Houston if that's any help.

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    Default not alone

    I don't have a good answer for you, other than to say, you're not the first person to come across this same problem this week.

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