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  1. Default Los Angeles, CA to Greensboro, NC

    Hi everyone. My wife and I are moving from Los Angeles, CA to Greensboro, NC for work in Mid May, and we are playing with the idea of driving across the great US. We are not planning at all to stop for sites we just want to drive, and see America through our car. My wife, and I can both drive, but i think i will be doing most of the driving. Do you think we can make the trip in 3 days or i guess what i want to ask is this advisable?

    This is what we planned:

    Los Angeles -> Albuquerque, NM = Total Estimated Distance: 774.32 miles
    Albuquerque, NM -> Little Rock, AR = Total Estimated Distance: 881.58 miles
    Little Rock, AR -> Greensboro, NC = Total Estimated Distance: 785.68 miles

    Total Distance: 2428.63 miles

    Your thought and comments are most appreciated

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    Default Way Too Much

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I would most strongly advise that you seriously reconsider this plan. You will really be doing way too much driving to do this comfortably, or more importantly, safely.

    We generally recommend keeping your miles down to about 500-600 miles per day. That pace is still 8-10 hours per day on the road, without any significant sightseeing. Pushing beyond that really starts to test the limits of safety. Your current plan would require you to be on the road for up to 16 hours at a time, just pushes the limits of what you can safely do.

    You really need to add at least one more day, and preferably 2 extra days to comfortably and safely cover this distance.

  3. Default I was thinking the same

    Thanks for the reply. After I posted i looked at the map again, and i knew it was going to be pushing it. I think im going to drop down my miles to around 600 miles a day, and replan it. After looking at the other topic it seems 600-700 miles should be pretty doable with two drivers. Thanks for the advice!

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    Default better

    Trimming things down to 4-600 mile days will be much better. 600 miles for 2 drivers shouldn't be too much of a problem, but I tend to think even 700 miles starts to be too much when you are driving multiple days. 700 miles for 2 people in a one day sprint wouldn't be too problematic, but even having multiple drivers doesn't help that much when you are talking about very long distances over a marathon of several days.

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    Default Welcome to North Carolina

    Hi Future Neighbor,

    In the last few days of October 2007, my 20 year-old son and I did pretty much the reverse of your trip, having started in Raleigh, NC and ending at Port Hueneme, CA, up by Oxnard in Ventura County. We took the rough equivalent of two half-days off the highway, including a loop through the Grand Canyon and a side trip to see the Hoover Dam. The whole trip took us 4 days, so 3 were hard and fast highway days. My son is, well, he's 20 so he's 10' tall, bulletproof, and immortal, and I'm a veteran of many cross-country Road Trips, and each of us were looking at the other and saying: "Man, that was tough!" once we got to Ventura.

    As we say around here, +600 miles a day, especially several in a row, "ain't no day at the beach". We did our speed run by starting well before dawn, driving 1 to 3 hours, stopping for a big breakfast, then only fuel and nature stops the rest of the day, stopping after dark for supper and a motel. Surely stretch it to 4 and if at all possible, do part of a 5th. Targeting Asheville, NC for the end of Day 4 will leave you with the rather more congested part of I-40 through the Asheville to Greensboro corridor as a shorter partial day's drive instead of at the long end of a 600 mile day. Asheville's downtown is lively and it's very much the liberal, student-oriented, artsy community. It's at cooler elevations than Greensboro so gives you a last chance at enjoying being outside in late Spring/early Summer before the blast furnace of the Piedmont kicks in.

    But what am I saying to you about congestion and traffic--you're moving to Greensboro from LA!

    Enjoy the ride!


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