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    Hi there. Good morning. Hope all is well.

    I will be planning a trip from New York to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have a few questions and hopefully some of you experts on road trips will be able to help and give me suggestions.

    1. I wish to arrive at the latest on Friday night in Michigan. I am not sure when I should make my departure. I will be working the whole day on Thursday and contemplating if I should start driving midnight on Thursday (going to Friday) or on Friday dawn. My longest drive will be on I-80. So far the cities I will touch on are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Cleveland and Ann Arbor. Any suggestions?

    2. If I do decide on driving at midnight, do hotels have rooms that only charges for a few hours, say maybe 4 hours?

    3. I have Friday, Sat, Sun and Mon. Tue I am due back to work and has to be in NY by Monday night. Sat afternoon - I have a ceremony to attend to in Grand Rapids. Do you think I will have time to go to Chicago? From the direction, it shows that it will be a 3 hour drive.

    4. If I do decide to drive at night and I will have my GPS with me, is it dangerous along those highways?

    For any of you that took the time and effort to answer these questions, I deeply appreciate it. Thank you so much for any kind of help that was given to me.

    Thanks again and I wish you a great day.

    newbie in this.

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    1. Your choice. If you leave early Friday AM, you should make GR sometime Friday night. It's almost all Interstate travel.

    2. I have never heard of hotels doing this, unless you go for the cheap 'no-tell motels'.

    3. Yes it is about 3 hours to Chicago from GR.

    4. Mostly Interstate, not too dangerous. Still have to watch for deer, etc.

    Good luck.
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  3. Default Thank you, hvista

    Thank you for your replies and answers. Appreciate it.

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    Default Long Road

    Personally, I would opt for leaving at midnight - if you are a bit of a nightowl and are used to being up late at night. If you are used to being up at those hours anyway, I would try to travel drive for a couple of hours and then stop for the night. The trip you are looking at is almost 800 miles, so you're going to be looking at 14+ hours on the road. I would try to break that up if at all possible.

    You really are going to be pushing your limits covering this distance under this timeframe. The single most important thing will be to get as much quality rest as you can so you can stay focused on completing a safe trip.

  5. Default Sleeping..

    Hi Midwest Michael,
    Personally and to be honest, I had thought that I would want to drive through the night but what had kept me from making that decision 100%, is because I was afraid that I will get sleepy around 2/3/4AM in the morning and there's no safe place for me to sleep. I know there are rest areas, truck stops, camp etc that I have been reading about in the forum but nothing can beat sleeping in a motel for a few hours, which is why I had asked that question in my first post. Maybe I will just have to pay for a night's accomodation in an inn/motel/B&B for a few hours of shut eye. I was thinking of stopping in Youngstown, OH or just anywhere in the middle of my route.

    Thank you for your reply. If you know of any other suggestions, please let me know

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    Default negotiations

    I've done the kinds of thing you are talking about a number of times, and there won't be an official discount. However, if you are nice to the clerk, and the clerk is in a good mood, sometimes you can talk them into giving you a few dollars off the standard rate.

    While I know you are in a hurry, its always good to find out the check out time so you can get as much sleep as you can before you have to head back out on the road.

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    Thank you for your response, Midwest Michael.


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