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    Hello everyone!

    My friends and i are planning a road trip in the beginning of july. Here is the planned trip: we are renting a car in Orlando, FL- New Orleans, LO,-Somewhere in Texas- Somewhere in New Mexico- Grand Canyon- Las Vegas.
    It is 4 of us so we will be driving in turns so hopefully we would be able to get to Vegas in 10 days. Also, if anyone has suggestions regards what would be an interesting route to take in Texas and New Mexico and what would be the most interesting cities to visit there? We would really want to see the real desert as the show in movies ))) but also just interesting places in those two states.
    Thanks a lot everyone!


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    Ten days is about twice the time you'd need for just the drive, so time should not be a factor. I'd basically just follow I-10 all the way to Phoenix and then US-93 up to Las Vegas. Besides New Orleans, have a look at Austin and San Antonio along with Big Bend in Texas; White Sands and maybe Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico; and Tombstone and Tucson in Arizona (besides Phoenix). What you see in the movies is usually NOT the real desert, but if you get to Big Bend, White Sands and Saguaro National Park outside Tucson, you should get a better feel for both the desert's reality and its variety.

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