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  • Maine : near, ok. But cool enough?

    1 25.00%
  • New Hampshire : hampton Beach : any fun?

    1 25.00%
  • New Jersey : Wildwood : Boardwalk, ok. But what else?

    1 25.00%
  • Virginia : So far away! Worth it?

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  1. Default East Coast Beaches

    Hey guys,
    I'm from Canada and now planning this summer's RoadTrip with few friends.
    I wanted your opinions on which destination we should choose. We've been taking a look at Ogunquit and Maine's South beaches (though, we've already been there, so we would like to try something else!); Hampton Beach, NH; Wildwood & Atlantic City, NJ; Virginia Beach,VA. We want some beautiful free-access beaches, cool cities, good nightlife, great activities, delicous seafood, nice and cheap campings. Of course, we know that VA has great hot beaches, but it is also much farther. So, if you guys tell me that Hampton Beach is good enough, we would prefer that! If you know great places I haven't mention, feel free to suggest!!
    We are looking for the best distance:fun ratio!!
    Have a good one.

  2. Default Wildwood Rocks

    The beaches are clean and full of fun. You can hop in the car and 45 minutes later you can be in Atlantic City. Beaches and Casino's is there anything else? Nope! The night light in AC is great, and the cool thing, there are a lot of cool things to do along the way. Dont forget to stop in Philly, Penns Landing is cool during the day and night. Have fun. Let us know where you decided.

  3. Default Va Beach

    I lived in VA Beach for about 6 years and loved it. You have the boardwalk and then north and south you have quieter beaches. That part reminds me of Fire Island (where I live now in NY).

    I always thought it was funny that millions of people vacation in VA Beach and then all the people in VA Beach went to North Carolina for vacation. I guess the grass is always greener.

    There are all different festivals- surfing, soccer, concerts, etc. I found there was always something to do. You could also go to downtown Norfolk and hit some great bars.

    There are about 1/2 a million people in VA Beach and Norfolk-- so you can find pretty much anything... but a professional sporting game :)

  4. Default 10hours!|

    Alright, so you guys tell me the 10hours road trip is worth it to wildwood? We were planning always going souther year after year. We did maine last summer! We told us we'd go to New Hampshire (Hampton) this year. And then, next year, Wildwood and so on, Virginia, Florida...Cancun?!
    But if you guys tell me that Hampton Beach is not cool neither fun. We might think of doing that 4-5 more hours to New Jersey.
    Thanks for the replies, really appreciated.

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