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  1. Default Yosemite and Death Valley in June YES or NO

    Hello guys,

    my boyfriend and I are planning a trip to California this June (7-21. June 08). Till now I thought I have the perfect route but I didn't know that some of the roads at the Yosemite Park are closed.

    This is the route how we planned it.

    07 - 10/06/08 San Fransico
    10 - 11/06/08 Carmel
    11 - 13/06/08 Yosemite NP
    13 - 14/06/08 Death Valley
    14 - 16/06/08 Las Vegas
    16 - 18/06/08 Grand Canyon
    18 - 19/06/08 Lake Havasu
    19 - 21/06/08 Los Angeles

    Now I am not sure if it is worth to go to the Yosemite National Park and Death Valley (or if there are other Highlights in this area) and if we can drive from the Yosemite Park to Death Valley without using the SR120. We would stay in the Best Western Yosemite Way Station in Mariposa.

    Has anybody good ideas for our tour? I would really appreciate that.

    THANKS so much.


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    Default yes!

    hi there and welcome.
    there is a possibility that tioga pass [120] will be closed,but a good chance it will be open. however you can still visit both by heading south towards fresno and onto bakersfield where you can go around the southern end of the sierras via lake isabella and ridgecrest into death valley.
    both are well worth the time,yosemite is a beautifull valley and the waterfalls will be flowing nicely,making it worth it even if the high ground is'nt accesable,if it is the 120 is a fantastic drive and don't miss the opportunity to go up to glacier point,one of my favorite views.
    death valley is also worth it, an incredible changing landscape like no where else i've seen,i loved it,and a total contrast to yosemite.the furnace creek ranch is a popular stopping place here.
    have a great trip!

  3. Default THANKS Gommy - one more question!

    Hello Gommy,

    and thank you very much for your quick reply!!!

    Do you think I can leave the itinerary with Carmel 1 night, 2 nights in Yosemite, 1 night in Death Valley and then heading to Las Vegas or do you think I have to spend a night in between if the SR120 is closed.

    THANKS so much - I have no idea about the distance which makes booking difficult.

    Bye, bye


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    it's possble to do it in one day but would be a long drive,probably 8 hours from mariposa.[someone hopefully will come along and correct me if need be],and thats without much stopping time. you could consider stopping at or around lake isabella and then drive through death valley and onto vegas the following day as opposed to stopping in death valley.

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