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  1. Default New York to Colorado: and a proposal in between

    Hi everyone. I am new here and don't have much time. i am moving to Colorado to move in with my girlfriend. She is flying into upstate NY next Tuesday and we are driving back to Colorado together.

    We have three days to get there for many reasons...

    So, I am going to propose to her and I am trying to find the following:

    1. the best route ideally via a more southern route than through Chicago

    2. through a location that has a distinct and remote intersection/crossroads. Kind of like "Castaway" final scene with Tom Hanks (Texas). My proposal involves the significance of starting our lives together, same path, new road together, etc.

    3. And driving directions or a Denver.

    Thank you so much:)

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    Default contradictions

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I have a little bad news, in that what you are trying to do simply doesn't work well with the resources you have to do it.

    Upstate NY is a pretty broad starting point, so we'll say Syracuse since its a rough middle point, obviously you'll be traveling a little less from Buffalo, a little more from Albany, and a lot more from Plattsburgh.

    You've got 3 days, but on the most direct route, you're looking at about 1650 miles. That's right on the top end of what we recommend, and will require at least 9 hours per day on the road.

    The direct route is through Chicago, using I-90, I-80, and I-76. The next closest option would use I-71 to cut from Cleveland to Columbus and then take I-70 the rest of your trip. However, this will add about 100 more miles to your trip, adding yet another 30-45 minutes per day on the road.

    Finally, you want a distinct and remote intersection. I doubt you're going to find this road on the interstate, that means at some point you'd have to get onto two lane roads, which will take even more time. What I would suggest is that you'll probably want to do this just by getting off the Interstate for a relatively short stretch of road that runs parallel to your intended path and then get back onto the freeway.

    I imagine all of these obsticles can be overcome, but since this trip as special significance, I'd think long and hard about how to approach those problems. Right now, your trip is close to the line between a pleasurable trip and a workman like quest to get everything into your schedule, and pushing too hard is rarely a good thing on a roadtrip.

    As far as picking a specific "remote and distinctive" location, I wouldn't want to even begin guessing a place for an event that will be so personal. You might simply have to just find this place you are looking for spontaniously.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Three days is really not a lot of time to get from central New York to Denver, particularly if you are going to eschew the most direct route. But for not too many more miles (around 1700 in total assuming a departure from somewhere around Syracuse), you can use I-71 to drop southward from Cleveland to I-70 at Columbus which will take you the rest of the way into Denver. Now, here's the kicker. Just before crossing the Mississippi into Missouri on I-270, the St. Louis bypass, take exit 3B to IL-3 north. Go 3 miles and turn left into the Lewis And Clark State Memorial Park. This is the site from which they set out on their famous Voyage of Discovery, and as fitting a place as any I know of to propose a similar life journey to your girlfriend.


  4. Default lewis and Clark

    This is excellent!1 Her mother mentioned Lewis and Clark's journey when I was mentioning my intention to propose on this trip. I'm starting in Albany and had figured on doing about ten hours per day...

    This is perfect...and a week beforeheand is spontaneous enough for me...

    Thank you so much.

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    I see that at this location the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers become one

    Does anyone know the exact address of this park? I seriously cannot locate it.

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    Default Easy as...

    Go to Google Maps and cut and paste the following into the search box:


    Click on: Search Maps and voilą - there it will be.


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