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    Hi there
    In 2007 we went on our first road in America - we went from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Although we've been to America lots (Vegas, Miami, Orlando, New York and San Francisco) this was the first time we've actually driven anywhere. In 2008 we're going back to Orlando for two weeks, but we're potentially considering a road trip in 2009. We joke about Route 66 but that's a bit too much for us.

    We've been pondering doing the drive again and extending it to Las Vegas, but there must be some other drives we can do that are equally as good. Can anyone here suggest anything? Here's what we're looking for...

    * A travel time of about three/four hours a day
    * Some nice scenery would be nice
    * Something we can do in about a week or so

    Comments and thoughts welcome please!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you can start or end from anywhere, you've got millions of possibilities ranging from coast to coast. SF to Vegas would be an option, but quite frankly, so would Route 66 - although you might have to increase your drive times just a little bit. A few other things that jump out just off the top of my head would include a loop ofUtah's National Parks, or a stroll through the Pacific Northwest. That's just a couple of ideas, out of millions of possibilities.

    Really, you've got the entire country to work with, so your biggest task will be simply to find an area where you'd like to focus.

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