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    Default driving from vegas to Denver

    Hi I will be in the States in July and will be driving from vegas to Denver, I only have 3-4 days spare and want to 'see' as much as possible on the way - It seems from reading other posts that a flat out drive takes about a day but was wondering if anyone could recommend a few places to take break, maybe minor detours?... there seems to be so much scenery, and NP's to look at need help to try and pick the best with the idea of then coming back next year for a holiday... hope you can advise

    thanks in advance!

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    Default Lots of Choices

    Quote Originally Posted by jam888p View Post
    Hi I will be in the States in July and will be driving from vegas to Denver, It seems from reading other posts that a flat out drive takes about a day
    Thanks for reading the other posts and welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Yeah, you could make it in a day, but would be a hard push. I guess with 3-4 days, I would have two "favorite" routes for you to consider.

    One is mostly Interstate highway (with scenic detours) and one is mostly on two-lane highways.

    A. I-15
    Follow I-15 north from Las Vegas -- through the Virgin River Gorge up to St. George and then follow UT-9 to Zion National Park (I would purchase the annual pass, because on this trip you will have the opportunity to use it several times...). Spend the day exploring Zion and either stay at Springdale or return to I-15 and spend the night at Cedar City.

    The next day will find you on one of my favorite interstate highways I-70 and here is a field report about the kinds of views you will enjoy. Another of the must-see places is Goblin Valley and here is a field report from there. The second night you can either stay at Green River, Utah or I would suggest an overnight at Moab (whichever place -- I would suggest you reach Arches NP by 4:00 pm and enjoy the sunset's raking light on the rock formation).

    Day Three follow I-15 the rest of the way into Denver, or you could follow this route -- posted by Peter Thody!

    B. Two-lane Wanderings

    You can head both north and south from Las Vegas (if you went south -- over Hoover Dam -- you could head towards the Grand Canyon and then wend north through Monument Valley and thence to Denver. An awesome trip.

    But I am recommending that you include a portion of I-15 in this trip -- exit the super slab at St. George -- drive through Zion NP and then follow US-89 north -- Coral Pink Sand Dunes is pretty great (here is field report) and then on to UT-12 for a stop at Bryce NP.

    Continuing east on UT-12 for incomparable views of the Grand Escalante (more field reports here) to Torrey and Hanksville and then south to Blanding and Monticello (I just drove this route a few weeks ago). And then south to Durango and north on the Million Dollar Highway to US-50 and then on to Denver.

    Hope that gets you started.


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    Default so much to see!

    it's a fantastic area with so much to see but possibly a drive along scenic byway 12 would be nice at a leisurely pace. from vegas take hwy 15 through st george and then the 9 to zion national park. a good place to stop and do some exploring,it's an amazing place and springdale offers accomodations thats right on the doorstep. you leave zion by driving up the mount carmel highway [9] and through the tunnel and out onto checkaboard mesa,a lovely scenic [but twisty]mountain road. head north on the 89 towards panguitch and east on scenic 12 before panguitch. you will drive through red rock canyon,which is worth a short stop before arriving at bryce canyon,an "out of this world"type place with fantastic view points and possibly stop the night here.[rubys inn is very popular]. you could then continue to torrey and then east on the 24 which takes you through capitol reef and hanksville untill it joins hwy 70 that takes you to denver.if you have the time possibly a small diversion to moab and arches n.p.

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    Just a few thoughts for the last part of the trip Montrose to Denver.

    After Gunnison make for Crested Butte, Redstone, Aspen, Leadville, Breckenridge and to Denver.

    Some of it is a bit of the beaten track but the route abounds with glorious scenery with interesting places to visit along the way.

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    Thanks all, really useful stuff... looks like I'm gonna have to stretch it to 4 days I reckon.. work will have to wait!

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