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    I'm trying to plan a road trip - 14 days - starting and ending in Las Vegas. I don't want to rush and would like to do some hiking in some of the national parks. I would be very happy with some advice.

    this is my plan so far:
    Day 1: Las Vegas
    Day 2: Zion - 2 nights
    Day 4: North Rim of Grand Canyon
    Day 5: (Lake Powell?)
    Day 6: Monument Valley
    Day 7: Moab - 3 nights - hike in Arches
    Day 10: Capital Reef
    Days 11 and 12: Bryce
    Days 13 and 14: Las Vegas

    Can anyone give some feedback on this itinerary?
    I heard Lake Powell is very crowded and not really worth visiting. Is there a nice stop between the North Rim and Monument Valley - I think that's a long drive to do without a stop?


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    Default Lake Powell -- crowded?

    Quote Originally Posted by kdvolder View Post
    I'm trying to plan a road trip - 14 days - starting and ending in Las Vegas.
    Your round trip schedule looks pretty good -- Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!
    Day 5: (Lake Powell?)
    I assume here you mean staying overnight in Page? It is nice town, hard to imagine anyone would call it crowded -- the dam tour is very good.
    Day 6: Monument Valley
    It is a reasonable drive from Page to Monument Valley -- I don't know where you planned to stay in the area -- but if you want a truly memorable lodging experience -- I stayed in a hogan in the area -- a very enchanting B&B called the FireTree Inn with extraordinary hosts --


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    Thank you very much for the comments! I will include a stop at Lake Powell and will have a look at the motel you suggest. I'm from Belgium and have never been to this area in the US. I'm very excited about this trip!!


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