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    Hi guys,
    Hope as many people as possible can help us. My husband Andy and myself are arriving in LA on the 17th March next year. We plan to hire a vehicle and drive across your wonderfull country to Miami where we will be boarding the Liberty of the Seas for our cruise of a lifetime. we need help please, not sure how long it will take, what would be the best route ect. We would like to visit San Francisco / Yosemiti National Park / Las Vegas / maybe Grand Canyon time permitting / Graceland and then onto Orlando where we will be staying for approx 1 wk before going onto Miami on the 16th April. We will spend 2 nghts in Miami before leaving on the cruise. Any information would be much appreciate. We would be spending approx 4 days in LA at first so time frame for driving across would be from roughly 22nd March through to the 9th April.
    Thnx guys
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    Default Timeframe and Rough Outline

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    One handy thing to keep in mind as you plan your trip is that the US and Australia are roughly the same size and shape, so your planned trip is, to first order, the equivalent of driving from Perth to Sydney. Now, just so you don't get the wrong first impression of us, also keep in mind that you will be landing on St. Patrick's Day, when Americans have been known to do some odd things, mostly involving beer and the color green, often in tandem. All that said, the first part of your trip has been covered in some detail in previous discussions. If you spend a week doing all that (including the Grand Canyon at the end), that still leaves you a week to get to Miami from northern Arizona. I-40 will take you directly to Memphis, with possible intermediate stops at Petrified Forest National Park, Petroglyph National Monument, and the Oklahoma City National Memorial. After leaving Graceland, US-78 will start you on your way southeast towards I-20/I-75/etc. to Miami with the added bonus that it takes you through Tupelo, MS and the Elvis' birthplace.

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