Another early start and another day full of work.┬* What more is there to say?┬* Bar a quick visit to a local outlet centre to pick Paul up a cap - his baldy head was burning! - we spent the first six hours finishing off the big build and then headed off to a second site around the corner to do an install there.
It was a pleasure, when we’d finally finished work, to return to the hotel to relax.┬*┬* On our way back we stopped and picked up some beers and snacks and then went our separate ways.┬* My plan was to stay in my room for the evening, chill out, watch some TV and get an early night.┬* As it turned out the TV signal packed up so I had a very early night - asleep by 9.30pm -which was lucky as sometime around 4am there was a god-awful noise emanating from the neighbouring room.
Perhaps not unreasonably, given I had been woken by loud banging and screaming, I’d initially presumed that there was a murder occurring and, as I wondered if I should perhaps do something, it slowly dawned on me that they were, erm, enjoying themselves. Very loudly and energetically.┬* Now that is absolutely fine, of course, unless it’s 4 o’clock in the morning and they’re disturbing the children.┬*
As it always will do, the noise died down very shortly, and I was able to resume my (very well earned) sleep.┬* But twenty minutes later they were at it again - on the balcony this time - just give it a rest, damnit!