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  1. Default Road trip from Alberta to Disneyland, CA.

    We have booked our hotel and Disneyland tickets, we leave the first week in June.
    We start in Edmonton, AB. on Sunday afternoon.
    Planning on staying in Great Falls, MT. the first night, Salt Lake City, UT 2nd night, Vegas 3rd night and then Anaheim, CA.
    We have 5 teenagers so it will be interesting.
    Where would you suggest stopping?
    What are the must sees?

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    Your schedule really doesn't leave a lot of time for side trips or stopping along the way. Still you should probably try to get in a half hour stop or two during each day to get out of the car for a picnic lunch and some exercise. State and provincial parks make the best options for this. In your case Willow Creek Provincial Park on Day 1 and Camas National Wildlife Refuge on Day 2 offer good mid-day stopping possibilities. You just don't have the time for side trips to places like Glacier or Yellowstone National Park. On Day 3, however, you're in luck in that you both have a little extra time and Zion National Park is easily accessible from I-15.


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