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    Default Newbie road trippers from the UK - Route 66/California Highway questions and dilemmas

    Hi everyone, we're planning on doing a 21 day road trip in the States in June. At the moment I'm thinking of Route 66 from Chicago to LA OR flying to Las Vegas and doing The Grand Canyon/LA/California Highway possibly. Whatever we decide on the Grand Canyon must feature in it.

    This is early days in the planning and I haven't had a chance to look at mileage etc yet but really need some help in deciding whether to do this by renting an RV and staying at camp sites etc or a car and staying in motels. RV rental seems very cheap and good value compared to the UK but I'd LOVE to rent a convertible Mustang and do it in style.

    What are the pros and cons of both?

    Also can anyone recommend me some good books and/or maps and hire companies for both cars and RV's?

    I realise that we've left it rather late to start planning but we were going to drive down through Europe and do the Alps but petrol is so expensive here at the moment and also the exchange rate to dollars from UK pounds is awesome!



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    hi there, we done a tour of the southwest in an r.v and loved it,but it's not really much cheaper than motels time you have added it all up. what are your interests? it's not much fun driving an r.v. around the citys or much point but in the national parks it's a lovely way of spending should decide by whats best for you as opposed to any savings [if any]can be made.maybe get a better picture of what you want to do then maybe you can get the right answers.
    heres a link that includes our opinion on r.v v's car and some tips that may help. at the end there is a link to our trip report that was based,like yourselves, on seeing the grand canyon.
    as lovely and romantic as a convertable mustang sounds,you would have to pack very light for luggage space,especially considering a 3 week tour from the u.k. [fun though :)

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    Thanks for that gommy, your trip looks awesome! I've been doing a lot more research and have decided that an RV might be too big a thing to drive around for us so I think we're going to hire a Mustang and use motels.

    I'm thinking now of a circular-ish route starting and ending in San Francisco and seeing as much as we can in 21 days.

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    Default it's not for everyone.

    i'm sure your trip will be awesome too,it's a wonderfull area.with 21 days in a car you should be able to create a great trip and give yourself some time in your favorite places. one of mine was yosemite n.p. and it's well worth giving a couple of days up for,especially if you start out from san fran,where i would recommend a trip to alcatraz.once you've put a plan together don't hesitate to come back if you need help putting the "pieces together".
    this link is helpfull for searching the national parks for info.
    have a great trip!!

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    Thanks again but the link isn't working. I've booked the flights and the Mustang, all we need to do now is wait for the Rand McNally Road Atlas to turn up!

    I'll be looking on here for lots of ideas too.

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    Default You'll have a great time.

    If you're planning a circular route starting and ending in San Francisco be sure to drive from L.A. and head up the coast on PCH ending up in SF on your way back.

    Last year my wife and I took the drive from LA to SF via Highway 1 and it was spectacular. We did that particular leg of the trip in about 5 days, we took our time and experienced as much as we could. The one stop I definitely recommend is Monterey Bay.

    Have fun!


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