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  1. Default whats good between pittsburg and nebraska?

    My friend and I have 2 unplanned days/nights on our roadtrip between pittsburg and lincoln, ne. We don't really care to stop in Chicago or Cleveland but still want to go somewhere interesting and fun. Any suggestions would be helpful!

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    Default Not a Lot of Time, Considering

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    With only two days to cover the 970 miles between Pittsburgh and Lincoln you don't have a lot of options. That shortest route does go through Cleveland and Chicago, basically following I-80. There are other options, including I-70 to Indianapolis and then I-74 to the Quad Cities, and I-79/I-64 to St. Louis and then I-70/I-29, but both of those also entail driving in or around large cities and add another hundred miles or so to an already long drive.


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    Thanks for your response! We are taking I-80 and going around Chicago and Cleveland but I was just looking for advice on smaller towns to stay in that might have some special character. Trying to keep it cheap and quick by avoiding actually being IN the bigger cities.


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