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    Hi I am flying into San Fran on Dec 8th this year with 3 other people from Australia. Our plan is to hire a car and spend a few weeks driving and seeing the sights. We hope to keep to the south of the country ie nevada, arizona, new mexico, texas, loiusiana and so on to Miami. If you can give me any tips at all it would be appreciated ie weather/car hire/ cheap accomadation/ best routes.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    3 weeks will give you plenty of time to explore as you make your way across the country.

    A few things about the specifics of your trip, even in the south, seeing pretty cool conditions wouldn't be unusual. Nights that dip down below freezing wouldn't be out of the question, and seeing some snow or ice wouldn't be out of the question.

    You'll also be traveling at kind of an interesting time in terms of accomidations. The first part of your trip should be pretty easy to find rooms no matter where you go, as the weeks leading up to Christmas are generally some of the slowest travel days of the year. However, once you get within about a week of Christmas, things will pick up dramatically, so you might want to have some reservations in place, especially for winter tourist hotspots like Miami or Orlando.

  3. Default Worried??

    Thanks Michael for the quick reply this site is very helpfull. We are still a bit worried about driving through snow and ice we are all from the west coast of Australia which never gets that cold. Only one of us has ever seen snow. Is there anything to worry about???

    Also our flights are a return ticket to san fran arriving the 8th Dec and departing on the 15th Jan so we have a little over 5 weeks in which to travel. We have a pretty open mind at the moment but would like some suggestions on places to go for christmas and new years??

    Also would love to spend a few days in Vegas is the drive from San Fran
    and easy drive?

    If we drive from San Fran to Miami we where hoping to get a flight to NY spend a few days then Fly back to San Fran to end our trip. Is it fairly easy to purchase flights round this time of year or do you recommend buying flights early??

    Like I say we have a very open mind at the moment and any suggestions will be helpfull. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and reply to these posts you guys do a great job. I am so glad I stummbled across this site.

    Thanks again

  4. Default Hey!


    I'm an aussie too and would be really interested to hear how your trip turns out!

    We are doing a trip in 2009 which will see us driving from San Fran, to LA then accross route 66 to Chicago, Cleveland, Washington and then to New York. From NY we are flying to Orlando Florida to spend a week at Disney. Fortunately for us we're planning to go in May or June so the snow etc hopefully won't be a problem. But I'd be really interested in the route you're taking because I'm still tossing up if we should do the route mentioned above or drive from California to Florida. So keep us posted!!

    Oh i forgot to add that flightcentre in AU have pretty cheap car rental deals. I've done a bit of research and other companies I found charge a HUGE one way rental charge (hertz, budget etc $1000) but if you book before you go through flight centre they have a $199 one way fee. Which is pretty good.

    Sorry I cant help with any logistical stuff.
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  5. Default Hey

    Thanks will have to check out flight centre for sure.

    Yeah we are still trying to figure out the best way to spend our time in the states. Its a little bit daunting for us travelling in winter but it will be fun.

    Keep in touch

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