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  1. Default SC to Denver Any Ideas for a great 3 wk trip!??

    We are trying to plan a road trip from Greenville Sc to Denver in June My wonderful guy is actually taking a three whole week vacation for this We are thinking of just driving pretty much straight out there (going to see the newest grandson) staying 3-4 days (after all you can only spend sooo much time with the in-laws ..just kidding) Then taking the long & leisurely scenic route back but ...HELP we have a clue which way to go (either direction) nor what to do or see on our return trip PLEASE anyone... everyone we need HELP Thanking you all in advance PS New to this ...did I post under the right forum

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    Yep, you posted in the correct forum. Summer trips being loosely defined as anything from Memorial Day up until Labor Day.

    The quick route has you heading up US-25, joining up with I-40 into Nashville, then I-24 to I-57 and in Saint Louis, on to I-70, which will take you straight to Denver. This would roughly three days of driving on the way out, figuring on 500-550 miles a day. Four days at the in-laws, and that's the first week.

    Since you're already out that way, I would take a route from Denver heading into Utah through Canyonlands and Glen Canyon Parks, then on to the Grand Canyon. You could do this at a leisurely pace in three or four days.

    From Grand Canyon, start heading back East. Maybe stop at Canyon de Chelly, Albuquerque and/or Santa Fe. East on I-40, into Memphis and then if you desire, up into Nashville. From there, it is an easy day's drive back to your home in Greenville.

  3. Default Thank you Tim

    ...for the warm welcome and the great ideas I'm looking at these places & routes as I type!!
    Anyone else have any suggestions of things/places to see along these routes??

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