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    Hello everyone,

    New to the forum and looking for some advice for a family relocation from San Diego to New York in May. We have three weeks allotted to arrive in New York, so time isn't a factor, just places where my family can visit and enjoy along the way.

    From a basic search it seems there are two direct routes to NY from San Diego; I-15 through I-80 (Nevada thru Omaha) or I-8 through I-70 (Arizona thru Missouri) towards New York. Which route would be a pleasurable drive for a 5yr old and a wife who loves big cities, that would provide the best of what greater America has to offer?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It only takes about a week to make this trip, even at a very easy pace, so with 3 weeks to work with, you really could go pretty much anywhere you want.

    One option I'd lean towards would be I-15 to I-70 to I-76 to I-80, that would take you through Vegas, the mountains of Utah and Colorado, Denver, and Chicago. You could also stay south on I-10 and go through Texas, NOLA, even Florida. Going even farther north towards Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore would be very possible.

    Since time really isn't much of a factor at all, start looking for places you've always wanted to go. I think you'll be able to fit many of them into this trip.

  3. Default Tentative route

    Thanks Mike,

    Here's what we've planned for our trip. Just wanted to pass it through the board for any recommendations and advice for any places to stop and visit/enjoy prior to booking the necessary stops for lodging, etc.

    1) San Diego to Vegas: 5hr+ trip for 2 nights (No brainer there!)

    2) Vegas to I-40 to Albuquerque: 8hrs for 1 night (Love this city!)

    3) Albuquerque to OK City: 8hrs for 1 night (Unknown/Advice?)

    4) OK City to Nashville: 10hrs for 1 night (Too much?/Advice?)

    5) Nashville to Norfolk: 10hrs+ to visit family (Any stops worth seeing?)

    6) Norfolk to NY thru Atlantic City: 13hrs (Couldn't resist/Any concerns?)

    Looks good on paper but again, the farthest I've driven has been SD to NM because of work. Any advice or recommendations with the route or a better route would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Just my thoughts

    You might want to drive on old route 66 where it is available. Particulary the Needles to Kingman stretch (the kid will enjoy the "town" of Oatman with the burros. In Vegas, be sure to go to Circus-Circus for the free circus acts.

    Go from Vegas to Kingman and take old 66 to Seligman. You might want to take a side trip to the Grand Canyon and at least go the look-outs that you can drive to. Flagstaff is a good town to spend the night!

    Continue on as planned. In Amarillo stop at the Big Texan and the cadallic ranch. In Oklahoma, you might want to visit the Sandhills Curosity Shop at Erick and/or the National Route 66 museum at Elk City.

    There two things in Oklahoma City that you might enjoy. 1. The National Monument at the Murrah Building site. 2. The National Cowboy hall of fame. Combined these will take a full day.

    When going up the coast, I suggest going to Norfolk, Va. and taking the Bay Bridge Tunnel complex and continuing up along the coast and catching the ferry to Cape May, NJ. From there go into Atlantic City and the New York.

    Here's to a wonderful trip no matter which you and
    Remember the journey is as important as the destination!


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