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  1. Default Planning West to East travel - UK visitor

    I wonder if anybody can give me some advice or pointers for our forthcoming trip. We would like to fly from London to San Francisco end of July and then make our way across to New York (leaving for London around the 22nd August). there are a number of places we'd like to see - San Francisco, Las Vegas, Texas, Nashville, Memphis, NYC (possibly Cape Cod). We'd like to fly back to London from NYC so have to find a good airline that does open jaw tickets - has anybody else done this or something similar? We think we will probably rent a car (considered R.V but they are very expensive) and do a lot of camping and some motel/cheap hotels.

    So I'm looking to see if anybody else has travelled from the UK in a similar way and any advice they can give about open jaw flights/car hire/camping/cheap hotels/motels.

    Thanks in advance


  2. Default I should say

    I posted a message just now looking for any advice on travelling From San Francisco back to New York, hire car etc etc. I'm open to all and any advice - this is my first trip. My partner did it about 20 years ago but he was with a group of people. This time it's just the two of us.

    Somebody mentioned looking for "coupons" for money off things - does anybody know what that is?

    So finally any and all help appreciated. We ideally would like to land in San Francisco and work back to NYC although we may have to do it the other way depending on the cost of flights.


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    Default Discounts etc

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I don't think you should have too much problem finding a ticket to fly into one city and fly back from another. It just will cost more than a regular round trip ticket, and you'll have to shop around to find the best deal.

    As far as coupons go, there are a variety of books and flyers available at truck stops, rest ares, and other roadside stops that will have discounts for hotels and sometimes other attractions. They can offer some great deals, although you have to watch for restrictions - like only being available on certain days.

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    Default flights

    I am in the middle of doing the same thing. Flying to San Francisco then flying out of Boston. Flights are booked with Virgin. They cost roughly 360 each plus taxes. If you are driving all the way get your travel agent to try holiday autos for car hire their one way drop off charge is the cheapest i`ve found. if you need any help get in touch

  5. Default UK roadtripper


    I took a similar trip last year - here are a couple of things I did to save money. For cheap car rental, I would recommend you look for an independent company. I used autoteam USA - a company I found listed in a Lonely Planet - and they were a third of the price of a large company. I would also look into getting AAA. It's not that expensive and it will get you 10% discount at loads of motels. As far as coupons go, it's true you get them all over, best of all at state welcome points, but I gave up on them as the discount rooms were rarely available.

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    Default Flights and rental

    Hi Caroline,

    I'm currently planning a similar trip, San Fran-New York for mid July-end August. So far have booked flights and a rental mini van. I found a good site for flights. Seemed very reasonable considering we're flying into San Fran and back from New York. All in all came to approx £550 large ones, which I think is decent to say the least. Might of gone up in price since tho. That was about a month ago? The best rental site i've found so far is alamo for prices, although i'm still keepin my eyes peeled for anything better. Gonna check out GIJude's recommendation of AutoTeam USA (thanks for that) Hope that helps you a bit. Happy planning...

  7. Default Trains or Buses from Las Vegas to Cape Cod

    Okay we have sorted out the first three weeks of our trip. We're going to hire a car in Vegas and travel to Memphis etc, retruning the car three weeks later. We'd then like to travel by train or bus from Vegas to Cape Cod, have a couple of days at Cape Cod before we have to catch our flight in New York home.

    Can anybody tell me how I can travel from Vegas to Cape Cod by public transport? Can't seem to find anything on AMtrak website.

    Also, the Amtrak website talks about a 15 day national pass for $499. Does this include fares or do we have to pay fares on top of that?

    Any help, as always, very much appreciated.


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    Default roadblocks

    You're going to quickly discover why mass transit isn't a particularly popular option in the US, especially over long distances.

    Las Vegas isn't served by passenger train service. Amtrak does offer a bus from Vegas to Los Angeles or Salt Lake City to connect to train service.

    Then to get to Cape Cod, you'd have to travel to either Providence or Boston by Amtrak (via Chicago and Washington DC), and then connect to a regional commuter service.

    Amtrak's Route Page has some more info you should check out if you are considering this option.

    I'd assume the national pass covers all of your fares (what else would you be paying the money for?) but it most likely would not cover any extras like a sleeping room.

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