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  1. Default Yellowstone to the Badlands & Beyond on I-90

    I will be spending one day in the Badlands National Park...Bighorn Mountains....then travel to Yellowstone and spend 2 and a 1/2 days exploring it and Beartooth Pass Highway. I gave myself 3 days to drive 20 hours to get home. I was wondering if anyone could suggest great places to stop and explore on I-90 in Wyoming & South Dakota or along I-80 in Iowa to make the trip home more interesting. My travel dates are June 13 thru 22.

    I'll be starting and ending near Peoria, IL. I have everything from Peoria to the Badlands to Yellowstone planned out. It is the 3 days on the way home (from Yellowstone to Peoria) that I would like to add little side trips to. Thanks for the reminder to add this. :)

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    Default going where?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You neglected to let us know where you plan to start and end your trip, and its kind of hard to give you advice about things to do on your way home without it.

    So where is it that you're going?

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    Default I Don't Get It Either

    If you have your itinerary planned out from Peoria to the Badlands to Yellowstone, then you know what's on the way back, because it's the same road, I-90. Still there is lots to do in western South Dakota as well as along the highways in all the states you'll be travelling through.


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    Default Using forums

    I guess I'm still in the same boat as Buck, I'm still a little puzzled at what you are looking for. The only thing I can think is that you are possibly looking at taking I-90 through Wisconsin and Minnesota one way and going back via I-29 and I-80 through Iowa?

    I'll also take a second just to give you a little tip about using this, and other internet forums. Editing your post to change the content of it, after someone has responded, is considered to be quite rude. In fact, you'll see that a couple hours after you've make your post here at RTA, the edit feature is no longer active. This was put in place a while ago to prevent this very kind of behavior. Additionally, not only is changing the content of your post via editing considered bad form, it also ends up being counter productive. Since an edited post does not come up as a new post, people who have already read your question aren't going to notice that you have new information. That is one reason why its taken 4 days for you to get a response to your "updated" question.

  5. Default Try this again...

    Okay...let me see if I can do better at explaining myself. We are traveling to the Badlands then over the Bighorns and on to Yellowstone with zero amount of time for side trips. We will be traveling (basically) the same route home, and I do know there are a lot of sights to see along I-90 and I-80. What I was hoping for (if I had explained myself better) was tips on the best places to stop and visit. Since I have never been on this route, I was overwhelmed by the choices of things to do & see and just wanted to know what members thought were the best of the best. Nature, gardens, museums, western history, and interesting small towns are some of the things we are looking for.

    Thank you AZBuck for the links. I've checked them out and plan on doing further research on some of the places.

    As far as being rude by editing my post, I apologize. It was not my intention in any way. I was taught on another forum it was rude to add posts that I could edit the original message for. They said I was adding posts to pad the topic to make it look more important than it was. I will remember this forum's protocol when visiting it. :)


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