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  1. Default Advice for San Diego > Boise

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this forum. I'm currently in the military and planning for a trip from my home, San Diego, to my base located near Boise. There are two routes I have in mind...

    1) SD > Las Vegas > SLC > Boise via I-15, I-84


    2) SD > Las Vegas > Boise via I-15, Route 93

    I want to go with my number 2, since it's 200 miles shorter. My only concern is Route 93. I want to know from any veteran drivers, if this route has enough gas stations along the way, i.e. between Las Vegas and Idaho? I drive a Mini and can get about 450 miles with a full tank.

    Any help is much appreciated!!

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    Default few, but not problematic

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You certainly won't find a plethora of gas stations along the second option, but there won't be any stretches of 400 miles where you don't have gas either. You'll probably want to fill up when you get the opportunity on this route, even if you still have 1/2 a tank or more, but its not something that should keep you from taking this scenic shortcut.

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    Thanks for the quick reply!

    My main concern about the trip was lack of civilization between Las Vegas and Twin Falls, Id. After studying Google Maps, it appears that Ely, Nv and Wells, Nv are the only towns between Las Vegas and Twin Falls.

    Las Vegas > Ely = 250 miles
    Ely > Wells = 140 miles
    Wells > Twin Falls = 115 miles

    So as long as I can refuel at these two towns, I should be okay.

    Any input about these towns? Anyone on this forum drove route 93? opinions?

    Once again, Thanks for the help!!

  4. Default Looks like gas at a couple of other towns too

    From a quick look, and without digging for corraborating data, it looks like there is gas available in several other towns along the way
    - Alamo
    - Caliente
    - at the 93/ 6 junction
    - McGill
    - Wendover
    - Jackpot

    But even so, I'd run with the tank above 1/2 empty...

    Looks like an interesting road...

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    Default Mountain Home?

    On the off chance that you're headed for Mountain Home AFB, let me offer a third choice. A few years ago, I made a loop trip up through Nevada and Idaho to Yellowstone and then home through Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. I thoroughly enjoyed my drive north even though it covered some pretty lonely stretches of highway. From Las Vegas I started out on US-93 north for about 100 miles or so and then took a short jog northwest on NV-318 to NV-375, the Extraterrestrial Highway. This is the road that runs through Rachel and by the Little A'Le'Inn and Nellis AFB of Area 51 fame. There's not a lot to see (without getting shot at) but it's a road that has a certain appeal. Then at Warm Springs, US-6 east will take you north past Lunar Crater to Ely. At Ely, take US-50 west rather than US-93 north and then just past Eureka take NV-278 north. This will take you north to I-80 which you then take east to Elko, a town with a large Basque sheep herding heritage. There is a great Basque family style restaurant in town, but I can't for the life of me remember the name. Anyway from Elko head north on NV-225 through the Duck Valley Indian Reservation to ID-51.

    Now comes the second set of sites that make this drive worthwhile. As you near the town of Bruneau, watch for the signs for Bruneau Canyon. I can almost guarantee that you'll have the vista all to yourself. Just ignore the signs warning you about 'objects falling from planes' as you take the dirt road through the Saylor Creek AF Range. Then coming back out to the highway, continue on to Bruneau Dunes before finishing up by taking ID-51 into Mountain Home.

    Even more so than with taking US-93, you'll have to keep an eye on your gas gauge, know your car's range, and not pass too many fill up opportunities, but I made the drive in two days with no problems and had a lot of time to be by myself, enjoy the scenery, and just think. I make it 717 miles to Mountain Home this way vs 716 miles by way of the Interstates through Salt Lake City and 622 miles by way of US-93. You'd have to add maybe 60 more miles to my route if your destination really is Twin Falls. Just another possibility to consider.

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