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    Default SLC->Arches->Bryce->Zion->LAS in 3 days

    Hi Everybody,


    I and my wife are planning for a 3 day trip to visit Arches national park, Bryce canyon and zion national park.

    My current plan is this -
    Day 1 : Salt lake city -> Arches NP -> Moab
    Day 2 : Moab -> Bryce Canyon
    Day 3 : Bryce canyon -> Zion(if possible) -> Las vegas.

    We will be flying in to SLC and out of Vegas. We don't trek a lot so we want to drive around and take short(< 1.5 miles) treks where needed.

    Does this appear to be a reasonable plan? I'd love to get some inputs and suggestions on this.

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    Default Your Plan Looks Quite Reasonable:

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Day 1: 235 miles. You can break up your drive down with a stop at the Prehistoric Museum in Price. Arches has a wonderful drive with several lookouts as well as a few very moderate hikes that actually let you get up to and under some of the formations. Ask at the Visitor Center about the North and South Windows and Balanced Rock.

    Day 2: 277 miles. On I-70 you'll be crossing the San Rafael Swell which is quite scenic and offers some nice stops. Bryce Canyon does not offer any short loop trails that I know of, but you can get on the Rim Trail at any of a number of lookout points, walk as far as you're comfortable with and then turn around and return to your car.

    Day 3: 262 miles. If you see Bryce on Day 2, then Zion should not be a problem to fit in on today's drive. The Timber Creek Overlook Trail should be well within your abilities and the drives are, again, spectacular. On your way into Las Vegas, you can make one last stop at Valley of Fire State Park before hitting the bright lights.

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    Default Change of plans : driving back to Salt Lake city

    Thanks AZBuck for the detailed reply.

    I realised that returning to Salt Lake City on day 3 is much more economical in terms of airfare and rental car. So i have decided to head back to Salt Lake City from Bryce on Day 3.

    Does this mean i have to drop Zion out? I don't mind driving 320 miles from Zion to Salt Lake city but i am not sure if i will enough time at Zion and still get back to Salt Lake City by 7 PM.

    thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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    Default Sure

    If you can get through Bryce and spend the night at Cedar City, then you should be fine to see at least the northwest part of Zion, including the Timber Creek Overlook Trail that I mentioned earlier, and still have time to get to Salt Lake City by 7:00 PM. Fortunately, it's all Interstate after you leave the park, so as long as you hit the road after lunch, you should have no problems. The one thing that would concern me was if I was trying to catch a plane that evening I might leave a little more buffer, but if you're just going to pull up for the night and fly out the next morning, I would not worry.


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