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    We're planning to visit my sister in Ashland, MA (near Boston) and travel around from there for 3 weeks in April/May. We will spend some time around Boston (Ashland) and we will come back there in the second weekend of the trip to explore Boston with my sister and husband. The rest of the time, we (me and my wife, both 31) travel around by rental car. This is our approximate plan:

    26-4 Flight Amsterdam - Boston, to Ashland, MA
    27-4 Ashland and surroundings
    28-4 Gloucester, Whalewatching, to Portland, ME
    29-4 White Mountains, NH
    30-4 White Mountains, NH back to Ashland, MA
    01-5 Drive to Niagara. Watch the falls in the evening
    02-5 See the Falls and surrounding in the morning, drive to Toronto
    03-5 Toronto
    04-5 Toronto to Algonquin Provincial Park
    05-5 Algonquin. In the evening to Ottawa
    06-5 Ottawa
    07-5 Montreal
    08-5 Montreal, to Vermont
    09-5 Burlington? Green Mountains?
    10-5 Boston
    11-5 Boston
    12-5 Maine Coast and then direction Quebec City
    13-5 Moosehead lake??? to Quebec
    14-5 Quebec
    15-5 Via Colebrook, NH towards Ashland
    16-5 New Hampshire, late evening leave USA for Amsterdam
    17-5 Home again

    A little routemap :

    What do you guys think of this trip?
    Is it realistic or too packed? Suggestions are welcome.
    In case too packed, what should we skip or change?
    And, where do we have the best chance to spot MOOSE?

    I hope you guys can give me some feedback! Thanks!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Those are some of my favorite areas for just wandering around in, and you can't help but have a great time. For several discussions of other similar trips, check out these on the Boston to Niagara drive, this on Montréal, and these on New England. Three weeks is plenty of time to wander around the places you've listed, just keep an eye on the calendar. As for moose, your best opportunities for a sighting will be in northern New Hampshire and Maine. The one organized tour I know of is out of Goram, NH.



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