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    Alright me and my friend are driving from Pennsylvania to Washington and then come back down through Yosemite and grand canyon. We will be doing this all by the way of camping since gas is so much. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for Hydration packs and was wondering the size of bag i should be looking for etc... and if there would be any other gear suggestions that might seem novelty but turned out to be essential. Thanks in advance Matt

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I can't tell you anything about Hydration Packs and other gear, because you haven't told us anything about why you'd need them. You're going to camp to save money, but are you also planning to do some hiking? Do you hope to do some backcountry camping? If you're going off the beaten path, how far do you plan to go? What is your experience level?

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    I camp a lot but don't own a hydration pack like a Camelback. Most campgrounds have potable water. If they don't, we use a filter and/or boil.

    As for gear, unless you're doing some serious backpacking, you can get by with the following for car camping:

    sleeping pad
    sleeping bag/pillow
    1st aid kit (but you should have this in the car for travels anyway)

    Nice to have but not necessary:
    telescoping camping chair
    rain-cover (either freestanding or a tarp with rope)

    To make cold meals "on the road" to save money:
    knife/cutting board
    food from grocery store
    the little packets of ketchup/mustard/mayo you get at fastfood joints so you don't have to worry about cooling these items
    scrubber and bio-degradable dish soap
    food (of course!)

    If you're going to cook, add:
    cooking gear/utensils
    some spices
    more food
    wooden matches

    A fun extra: a multi-game unit....we have one with chess/checkers/dominoes/backgammon that we get a lot of use out of. We put cards in it and some Yahtzee score sheets and we have tons of games we can play.

    Oh, and a hatchet to make kindling if we are going to make a fire.

    Gosh, that's about all we take except for extra batteries and reading materials if we're camping for several days. And our clothes, of course.

    We will also take a separate cooler for drinks than for food so we don't have to open the food one as often so food stays colder longer.

    I keep both a Swiss Army-style knife and a Leatherman in my car at all times and it has come in handy a few times when camping or roadtripping.

    I'm not sure what else you're looking for. Does any of this help?

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    Yes we plan on doing a decent amount of hiking as for the backcountry camping we aren't to sure if we are gonna go that route. As for what Judy listed got all that on the list already we even added a snake bite kit just incase. I was just curious as to if it would be worth the money of spending on a camelback I saw some Gerber packs with bladders on ebay and was wondering if it would be worth the $40

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    I've seen the pack for closer to $20, but it really depends upon how much/how strenuous of hiking you plan to do and where you plan to do it. If you only plan to do some short trails, you could probably save yourself the cash and just put bottled water in a backback.

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    Alright thank you for the all the information. I will probably just say the money and put a few water bottles in the day pack...thanks

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