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  1. Default Mather campground reswervation quesiton

    Hello everyone - i'm looking to reserve a site at Mathers, Grand Canyon. I havent done any camping in the US before and on the NPS reservation site i get the option to book a tent only site or an RV site - we will be 2 people, 1 tent and a car, what kind of site should i be booking? are the tent sites only for a tent and no vehicle?, is it allowed to use a tent and car in a non-electric RV space at Mathers? also is this the best option for a campground at the south rim?

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    Default Mather Campground is a good one!

    Tent site means a tent and a car. So get a tent site. You'll be fine.

    Non-electric RV sites tend to be laid out differently than tent sites. More open with less potential for privacy. I'm not sure why you'd want an RV site. Not only is the less potential privacy and shade an issue but you will probably have a hard time sleeping due to RVs running their air-conditioning at night.

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    as judy says it's fine for tent and car. mather is a great place to stay for the south rim and village.both are within easy walking distance or you can hop on the free shuttle bus system which runs's in a wooded area and plenty of shade and theres a mix and match of r.v and tent sites throughout. no generators are allowed between 10pm and 7 a.m. great place to stay but will get busy in season. [we went in october and it was very peacefull]. have a great trip!

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    Just adding on a little from what has already been said, Tent sites almost always are drive in sites, with room to park and an area (usually grass) to set up your tent. That is the default, so to speak.

    If a site doesn't have those features it will almost always be labeled "walk in" or "backpack" sites. Even those sometimes can still be feasable and only require a short walk from the parking area, they also provide even more privacy, but I'd always check the distance and terrain before reserving that type of site for a car camping trip.

    You wouldn't want to use a tent in an RV site, if you can avoid it. Odd are, the difference means less privacy, and you could very well have to set up your tent either on gravel or concrete - not the most comfortable sleeping surface.

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