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    Default 18yr.old looking for a new HQ to start life, study in, and backpack from. Need help!

    (Click the map to see the real thing)
    I've been at Uni Central Florida for a year and a half (started early) now and I'm SICK of it!! **Biased characterization of millions of people removed**

    I know i'll find a lack of this no matter where i go, but don't even bother to deny that there isn't a lower proportion of it in certain parts of this world : )

    I'm an avid scuba/sky diver, a massage/cuddle enthusiast, a danceaholic (favorite being Deep/Funky House music), and a full-time student of all subjects: main interests being Psychology & Linguistics (I'll be playing with rosetta stone on my laptop when I'm not moving around), then Zoology/Ecology/Marine Science. I'm looking for other full-time students to spend my life with.

    Timeframe: Beginning of May to December, maybe longer.

    So I've spent a year and a half looking for a travel partner and haven't found one**Negative characterization of entire state removed**. So I'll do it alone.

    I'm starting this at the beginning of May. Taking Fall Semester off
    If ya can't tell, my trip is centered on the most (progressive) liberal places I know of.
    Primary destinations: San Fransisco, Boulder, Eugene, & Montreal

    Been planning this for years. Put together a path 2 years ago. Backpacked the world instead.
    Now I'm ready for North America!

    1) Looking for a place to live: It's the people that make the place. I'm an extreme extrovert, and I'm going on this journey, above all else, to meet the people.
    Seattle is where my heart is so far. Used to think I liked the NorthEast, Then I met the northwest. Thing is: I haven't yet been to California, Colorado, nor French Canadia, and i think I might really like em (not to mention Brit Colombia and New Mexico/Arizona).

    2) Looking for a new school:
    I know all state schools will be just as unpleasant. It looks most likely so far I will be transferring to Uni-Washington or Uni-Colorado-Boulder (don't bother suggesting schools to me, i've familiarized myself with most of the schools in the US, I'm taking this trip to SEE them for myself) I'm sticking to public schools for the tuition.. Once i find the place i like best, i'll end up there and work for a year until i can get in-state tuition.

    3) The Asthetics of it:
    National Parks, The Scenic Sort of Roadtrip, (I like mountains mountains mountains, and scuba diving), and Cityscapes. I love geography/urbography. I will have my high res, camera on manual the whole way there and back.

    4) The Cities:
    I want to learn the nightlife: I want House Music, Downtempo lounges are fun too. If you're not big on electronic. Try not to refer me to a typical preteen rave scene, but please remember, I don't know anything but the aforementioned... it's all we have in florida... i don't even know what a real big city electronic club is like**Negative description of venues removed** I swear I'll do my homework hehe.

    I'll be doing my best to borrow a bike wherever i go and touring the cities I like best as fully as possible by (pedal) bike.

    I want to know the best spot overlooking each place (for instance Seattle = Alki), and their prettiest par

    Gas Prices are the suck. I love the wind. & I want to be omnimobile at moments notice, and able to go anywhere quickly. So I'm getting a motorcycle.

    I know nothing about motorbikes, but as soon as I'm done with Finals, I'm heading back to St Augustine to meet up with my best friend and get some basic training in automechanics/motorbikes. If he's not too busy, I'm hoping he'll help me pick one out too. I haven't a clue what kind I want. I know nothin about em, but I've dirtbiked a few times now and had the time of my life.

    I was initially going to roadtrip, gas prices said funk that. So i thought about hitchhiking. I still might if i can't figure the motorbike thing out. I still might even if I can. So if any hitchhikers want a ride, I'll see what i can do once I figure out how to get all my belongings for 6 months into a small backpack/attach it to the side of my motorbike. Then you can hug me all the way to the next city. I'll check craigslist's rideshare as often as I can.

    Trying to figure that out now. As far as I can figure, the gas mileage between the cities I'm visiting (about 7000 miles to Boulder from Jacksonville, via my route) is about 500-1000 USD then another $2000 to get home. And I'm trying to figure out how much more I'll spend driving around those cities, and to nearby parks and such. Anyone have any advice on how to do that? (i know its vague since you havent a clue how much i drive... nor do I)

    I can easily set aside 200USD or more for the occasional hostel. but I'll be couchsurfing primarily (My CS Profile). This is going to be 50% of the experience of my trip. Since i joined, I've not met a more consistantly caring, sharing, warm & friendly, compassionate stereotype of people than couchsurfers. They're my people (them and residents of Black Rock City).


    I'll prolly eat nice and cheap, and just buy bread & tomato sauce whereever i go. We'll see how that goes for a while, we'll see how fast I'll consider stopping and getting a job. hehehe

    From RTA I want:
    1) more websites that might help me! (like & craigslist)
    2) your favorite places near the places I'm going
    3) whatever advice/slander you can throw at me

    haven't had the time to look around the site in a while, I'll do that soon, meanwhile I just wanted to get this thread up, your attention is very much appreciated friends :)
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    Default attitudes

    I'll start with your transportation, I would strongly suggest you get a little experience on the motorcycle before you committ to using one for this large of a trip. Using a motorcycle is a lot more physically demanding than traveling by car, and you should see if you'll actually be able to enjoy riding long distances.

    25% more miles is usually a good estimate for in-town extra driving. However, you'll want to figure even more than that if you are planning to spend longer stretches in individual places.

    Finally, I'm sure you don't want to hear this, but its very easy to get preconceived notions about people and places driven in your head. And no offense, but especially easy to fall into this trap when you are 18 years old. I'm sure I was even guilty of it to some degree myself. I can also tell you that after living and/or working in 6 states throughout the country, and traveling throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Central America, that people are generally people no matter where you go. If you expect people to act, think, or do things a certain way, you'll find people who meet those expectations and ignore those who don't fall into your sterotype. Just something to think about...

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    Not sure where to start. For people I found no matter where you go you get the same boat of people just different water. I'm kinda biased on that I've met shady people in all places I have been. For a "general" mentality of liberalism and things like that try the northeast or northwest for sure. Seattle, vermont, NH, portland, San Fran maybe. Though I'm confused about your map and trip. Do you plan on making this whole run before finding a place to live long term? So you may not do it all if you like somwhere halfway?

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    Default Just a thought

    Years ago, I was in about the same mental/physical condition that you are in at this time. You do not know what you want and how to get there. In my case, Uncle Sam made the big decision for me---I got drafted and ended up making the Army a career.

    A few years back, I ran into a weird duck (in a good sense) who has taken it upon himself to help improve the lot of the youth through his teachings. Warren Doyle. He is a professor at little Lees-McCrae University in western North Carolina. Not to think he is strictly "book learning", Dr. Doyle is a firm advocate of letting nature lead one into the future. He has hiked the Appalachin more than anyone else (15-20 thru hikes) plus done the Continental Divide Trail and Pacific Crest Trail. He believes the communion of body, mind, and soul through communication with both nature and the community that one is in.

    It might be of benefit to you to make contact with him and at least listen to the advise he gives about finding your true inner-being.

    Remember all parts of the journey feel the soul of the final destination!

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    Default People are the same vs. Liberals

    I totally agree that people are people are people. I mean, you will always find honest, dishonest, helpful, unhelpful, friendly, unfriendly, etc. people whether they be conservative, liberal, or somewhere in-between. However, some areas are more liberal than others and that can make a difference in how much you fit in with those particular people.

    The entire "I-5 corridor" area of Washington state from Bellingham through Olympia is quite liberal so you might look further afield than Seattle. And I know you said no college suggestions...but you will find few state colleges more liberal than The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Seriously, this place could give Berkley a run for its money. I loved it.

    Eugene is great as well. But don't rule out liberal Portland. Also a beautiful city with great public transportation. (Wish I could say that for Seattle.)

    For budgeting, check out Bucks for the Basics. You might have to update for prices as that was written awhile back but the general exercise you need to go through to determine a budget is still valid.

    Also, no need to suffer with just tomato paste and bread. Here's some healthy, inexpensive ideas for packing your cooler.

    I think 25-30% of a good estimate of miles you'll be driving on top of your trip miles.

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    All good (and agreeable) stuff! Thank you guys!

    More about the physical trip I'm trying to pull off here! less about the people! hehe

    my point about people is that 80% of the people at burning man came from San Fran, Eugene, and Boulder

    Also guys, I've toured 30 (undergraduate) universities, more than half being private. I spent a week at Evergreen for one. This is ONE thing I DO know what I'm talking about hehe. Evergreen is a place i would go for fun, rather than the rigorous biology degree I'm leaning towards getting right now. If i give up with UW, i might go to evergreen. Pretty sure Reed and New College aren't my thing. (i really, really, don't like writing). Hampshire was fun too. (spent a week at all of these). Have yet to visit Pitzer.

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    hm, we used to be able to edit our main posts, I'm guessing that was specifically disabled for me by Buck? I would really appreciate you guys letting me edit it myself, I can guess now what I'm not supposed to say, i really don't appreciate the way it reads now, and woudl like to rewrite it with an air of politeness

    i can't find the FAQ that shows rules for what i can't say, it's not in the FAQ nor the top of the Forum, nor the Welcome page?? link me would you please?

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    Default Good Neighbor Policy and Editing

    The rules that apply to these forums apply to all members, you have not been singled out for any punishment other than enforcement of our policies which you grossly overstepped. In particular, editing by junior members was disabled quite some time ago to prevent just what you are trying to do, go back and edit posts that have already been responded to, thus making the responders seem at fault. In your case, several moderators and contributors had already responded to your blatantly prejudicial remarks before I removed them. Normally they would have just been removed with a simple note at the end. Since several people had already taken the time and effort to try to be of help to you and specifically address those remarks, I chose to replace them with a summary of their import. You are responsible for your own actions. The Good Neighbor Policy is spelled out in some detail here. It is really nothing more than being polite. Please endeavor to be so in the future if you wish to remain a member in good standing.


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    fair enough! makes sense : )

    could you downsize my picture for me? it's way too big, needs to be like 85% of what it is now, stretching out the word wrap and everything.

    and there are a lot of details i need to edit in my message? is a non-junior member considered at a certain number of posts? or is it at moderators' discretion?

    i really need to edit the logistics of my trip, they won't be nearly as visible at the bottom of the thread : (


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