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  1. Default 4-6 Week Expedition RI to CA and Back

    Hey Everybody,
    I've been reading a lot on these forums while planning this trip. A friend of mine and I are going for a trip around the country. We've quit our jobs and leave tomorrow. I just wanted to post up and get any suggestions.

    I've also set up a travel blog at to host updates, pics, and videos of our trip.

    Any input is appreciated!
    Wish us luck!

  2. Default Good luck

    Good Luck with your trip- try to enjoy each day!

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    Default It looks like you'll have a great website to visit

    I like how you're going to upload your route data vis GPS. I hope it maps your route accurately. That will be fun to see.

    You've sure got a lot of high-tech gear packed with ya! And I chuckled at your expensive camping gear yet you say you have no camping experience. I hope you at least practiced putting the tent up/down to make sure you have all the parts before you left.

    We'll look forward to your updates.

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