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    I'm moving from LA in two weeks and was planning on taking Interstate 10 all the way east, or, at least through Alabama. I've been dreaming about taking this trip since I was a sophmore in HS, so I really can't wait. My inspiration was my english teacher that year, she commented on how anything south of Interstate 10 through LA,MI,AL was incredibly beautiful. Unfortunately that was a long time ago and now I'm eager for advice on what to see and where this "beauty" is.
    I am really curious as to sites to see along the way paticularly in East Texas, Lousiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Wondering if there are any good examples of southern architecture, beaches, FOOD. My biggest concern is really post New Orleans...any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Well, I've spent more time on the western half of that particular highway, so let's start there. Now, in large measure, what you'll get to see depends on how much time you have for the move. If you only have 4 or 5 days, then you're going to have to pretty much stick to the highway and what you can see from it. But as you add days to your journey the following become possible without straying too far from it. The east unit of Saguaro National Park (unfortunately I-10 through Tucson is under construction making access to the west unit difficult from the highway), Kartchner Caverns, White Sands National Monument, San Antonio, the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge and the Creole Nature Trail. After seeing New Orleans, I'd recommend that you backtrack a bit and head up along the Mississippi to Natchez which, I suspect, is what your teacher had in mind, then use the Natchez Trace Parkway up to around Eupora and then use US-82 over to Tuscaloosa to see some of the 'off-the-highway' South before finishing up on I-20 into Atlanta. As far as food goes, ask locally. You'll have to get off I-10 and away from the exit ramp fast food joints. So drive into small towns 10 to 20 miles removed from the highway and explore. Ask at any local information centers you find - the trick is to describe in as much detail as you can what you're looking for and then ask the attendant where they would eat.


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    I can't thank you enough, I'll be sure to stop and see some of the sites!

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