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  1. Default Roadtrip across the country for a few months

    I would first like to say am very happy i found this forum before we begin our adventure. Just to give you a background on why the trip is happening..
    My buddy and I are both in our mid 20's and are not happy with our jobs so we decided we know enough people around the country where we can drive around and stay at there places for a few days..

    We plan on hitting the road mid June and visiting the following cities and locations:

    We have picked these places because we do have friends where we can crash which means no money spent on hotels..

    New York
    New Hampshire

    We figure out biggest expense is going to be Fuel.
    There are no expectations and no deadlines. We will have about 4 grand between the two of us and are even willing to work while on the trip. The best part of it is we will be filming absolutley everything.

    Wanted to see if there was anyone out there who has done this or any advice that you may give us.

    Thank you


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    Default Counting Chickens

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Running some quick round numbers, your fuel bill is going to be about $1500, leaving out Alaska. That leaves $2500 for 2 people for 'a few' months. Taking 'a few' to mean 3, that comes to around $13/day for individual expenses. That's just not possible. As you've laid it out your trip depends critically on the kindness of your friends. How many of them have you contacted to see how they feel about hosting you for several days? How about their significant others? As Ben Franklin said, "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days." And then there's the filming. Would I want someone invading the privacy of my home and "filming everything"? In a word: NO. You have enough money between you to take a trimmed down (in time and miles) version of your trip. It can still last a month. You can still see much of the U.S. You don't have to mooch off your friends and relatives. You just can't do everything.


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    Default Tight vs. Tight

    I've done many trips on a tight budget. But there's tight and there's tight. There comes a point when things are so tight and you have to watch each penny so carefully that the trip isn't really much fun. $13/day definitely crosses that line.

    Bucks for the Basics might help you figure your budget needs better.

    As for your friends and filming....well, do clear this all with them first, OK?

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    Thank you very much for the replys, they are very appreciated. As far as where will be staying they have all been informed and they are all ok with us staying the for a few days a piece. 80 percent of them live by themselves and are very eager for this adventure will embark on. They have even give the Ok for the filming, the filming will mostly be at different historic locations and perhaps some of the driving. I should have explained that more into detail from my previous post. The filming is being done in order to keep a more accurate description of our trip and possibly transform it into a documentary.

    As far as the money goes I am aware we will be cutting it very tight but at the same time we are completly open to staying in one of these cities for a few weeks and working to gain some more capital.

    I guess the trip is very open to anything that may come to us. We are stuffing all our personal belongings in my car and seeing what happens. We have nothing tieing us down at the moment and if we fall in love with one of these cities then will find a job and an apt.

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    Default Mostly single friends probably does make this easier!

    And, with your budget, I wouldn't be surprised if you need to take a few short-term jobs here-and-there. Bring copies of your resume for temp agencies. If desperate, most cities seem to have day labor places like Labor Ready for short-term manual labor jobs.

    I would caution you to keep at least a few hundred bucks in reserve, hidden in your car someplace, that's non-touchable except for real emergencies. If your car has a breakdown, you might really appreciate having that money available.

    Depending on how much stuff you're packing in your car, you might consider boxing it up ready to be shipped and leaving it with someone you trust so they can ship it to you if you decide to settle someplace long enough to want the things in those boxes. The less extra clutter in your car, the better, imho.

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    Good idea about the cash for emergencies i will def do that. You never know what might happen.
    The resume i was already planning on doing that.



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