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    Hey everyone, you seem to be more experienced than me! Me and 2 friends are going travelling in 2009 around South America, but we want to see some of the US too and end up in New York before flying home. We were thinking of flying from Peru to Mexico, exploring there for a bit then travelling up to NY. We will all be 19 whilst travelling, so the cost of renting a car will probably be too high for us, plus we have absolutely no experience and we've all only been to America a few times! do you recommend that we travel, and which cities/places along the way are a must to visit? Obviously we will be doing our own research and planning the trip according to our own personal ideas of how we want to do it..but your advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think far and away your biggest problem will be transportation. Between your ages and the international travel, getting a car for this trip will be almost impossible.

    I think bus travel will probably be one of your only options. Its not a perfect solution, but it will at least get you across the 2 countries.

    As far as other suggestions go, since you've basically got a canvas that includes more than 1/2 of North America, its hard to begin. Where in Mexico do you plan to start? what places are you thinking of going to? What are your general interests? How much time/money do you have for this part of your trip?

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    Thanks :)

    I think we will now be going from Texas to NY. I don't really know America very well, but I think we will probably want to go through Virginia...but not really sure where else. We want to see different sides of America though.

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    Also can the title of this thread be changed to Texas to NY??
    We will be flying home from NY so it will just be one way. We will be coming straight from 3 months travelling around South America so plan on spending proably about 2 weeks on this road trip before flying home early June.

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    Give us an idea of what types of things interest you. Beaches? Nightlife? Historical sites? National parks and scenic vistas? Hiking? What? That makes it far easier for us to give you tips.

    You will be somewhat limited by where the bus goes. And you might combine some bus travel with train travel. Google Greyhound and Amtrak to find out what their routes and fees are. Once you find out where you can go, it will be easier to pick-and-choose where you should go from your options.

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