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    We are planning to fly to Bozeman via Denver from UK, hire a car and tour for about 2 weeks. The plan at the moment is to come last week of August/first week September.

    Our rough plan is to stay in Montana/Yellowstone for a period and then drive to Denver to head back to UK. We would look to hire the car for a one way trip.

    I have done some research on the web and through Montana tourist office but it is always worthwhile getting thoughts from everyone else.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on places to stay or see. Suggested routes and sights would also be good. My wife doesn't want to spend the whole time in the car so we would look to stop at a few places for a few days at a time. Can anyone give ideas of comfortable driving times or distances.

    I had wondered about going via Mount Rushmore, is this just going to be to far out of the way.

    Is there any other literature I should be looking out for ?

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    My wife is the same way. And so what we've ended up doing is that on our vacations we tend to set up shop somewhere for a week and take day trips. She can usually manage to find us a very nice house complete with kitchen, WiFi, a couple of baths and nice decor for not much more than we would otherwise spend for the four cinder block walls of a motel room just by doing a web search on the town's name and 'vacation rental'. In your case, one such rental in the Yellowstone area would set you up for Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and southwestern Montana. Then a single day's drive would put you in the Rapid City area for Rushmore, Wind Cave, Devils Tower, Crazy Horse and everything else in that area. One other day of driving would take you to Denver. So two full days of driving out of two weeks should be acceptable, no?


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