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    A friend and I are coming from the UK (I'm American, he's English) to roadtrip from Alaska to New Hampshire - via Seattle, Glacier NP, Virginia and finally NH. I was hoping to rent a car from Anchorage airport for the whole journey and drop it at Manchester Airport, but can't find a single company that will let me. Anyone know if this is possible? Or do I have to rent one car for the Alaska segment, hop a ferry to Bellingham and pick up another car there? We'll be flying into Manchester, then getting another flight to Anchorage, and taking a roadtrip back. The whole trip will be about 6 weeks. I can't even count how many times I've roadtripped back and fourth across the lower 48, but this will be the first time from Alaska.

    Thanks for any ideas and tips!


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    I imagine a primary reason that the rental companies in Alaska would have a problem with renting a car for a one-way trip would be because it would be much more difficult for them to get their vehicle back! It may in fact be easier in the long run to get a different car for the lower 48.

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    Thats the conclusion I'm coming to... They also don't allow the cars to go thru Canada because of insurance. The ferry just seems to be ridiculously expensive to me, but guess we'll just have to fork out the money if we want to see anything. For the first time in my life I'm glad the dollar is so weak!

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    As Tim pointed out, the problem is that Juneau is cut off from the rest of the world. It costs a considerable amount of money for the rental car agencies to get cars there in the first place and they are understandably loathe to see them leave. But let's start by just looking at it from your perspective It would cost you $300 just to ferry the car from Juneau to the nearest port (Prince Rupert) with access to the North American road system. Is that worth it to you? Is it worth the $600 it would cost to do that AND get it back to the rental office in Juneau? The car rental agencies think not, although if you wanted to offer them around $2000 to transport the car back to Juneau from Manchester, they might consider it.


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