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    In September I am visiting Las Vegas and then travelling to see friends in Austin, Texas. (Not sure on exact dates yet).
    I would like to use this opertunity to explore / visit a number of places along my route.
    My initial toughts are to Fly into Las Vegas spend 3 or 4 nights there, then hire a car and drive down to Austin.
    En-route I would like to stop off at a number of places to break the travelling up.
    My thinking is to travel 6 hours maximum each leg of the journey, stop off at a hotel/motel stay there for a night or even a day or 2 and carry on until I reach Austin. I am allowing myself around 7 days to complete the journey from Vagas to Austin.
    Along the route I would like to stop off and spend at least a day at The Grand Canyon.
    Do you have any suggestions of other exiting towns/attractions which would be a good place to stop along the journey.
    Also do think that my general plan is do-able in 7 days.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated

    Kind Regards


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    Depending on exactly how you go, it's around 1500 miles from Las Vegas to Austin, so it would be very easy to cover this ground in 7 days while spending a full day at the Grand Canyon and making several other stops along the way. Spots that I think you should be looking at include these near the Canyon as well as the Petrified Forest National Park, White Sands National Monument, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, and any number of things in the Fort Stockton area.


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