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    Default Boutique or small hotel, downtown Las Vegas

    I've had a good look and I can't seem to find any smallish, non uberchain hotels in LV. Even a good B&B would be welcome. Anyone know of an appropriate establishment?

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    Default golden gate

    I love downtown Vegas, and that's where I stay when I stay in Vegas.

    In terms of small, anti-big chain places, I'd look at several of the places on Fremont Street. I think the Golden Gate sounds like one you might like, but I've never stayed at that particular one.

    I've stayed at the Las Vegas club, which is right across the street - and I'm proud to stay I stayed there because I only had to pay $6 for the room on a weekend night, that was a couple years ago though. I also have stayed at the El Cortez a few times, which is nice and cheap, but its a couple blocks off the "experience" and starts to get into a more questionable part of town.

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