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    I'm sure this information has already been covered bit by bit throughout the threads, but I was hoping someone might be kind enough to respond to me directly so that I could stop racking my brain trying to get all the tidbits straight!

    My husband and I are taking our first roadtrip together. We are pretty excited, but me (being the realist of the group) is getting nervous that we are not planning enough (we don't want to miss out on the experience of the spontenaity--imagine the whole "into the wild" scene where the money is burned)--so, here I am--on the down low-- getting some advice about our plans. No one tell my husband I'm getting old and losing my cool...

    Here's the deal--

    ~We are 30 & 31 and have no children
    ~we are professionals (husband musician and I'm a psychologist)
    ~we have a lot of experience traveling together (we've been married 9yrs)
    ~we have backpacked for years together and car camped more times than I can count--so, we own all the gear and have worked out all the "kinks" in setting up a comfortable camp.
    ~we own (and will be driving) a 2006 Saturn Ion 5 speed that consistently gets approx. 36mpg on the highway
    ~we own a timeshare that is throughout the US that you use points to stay at a per night rate--- we have saved up for 2 years so that we could use these points on this trip.
    ~we have friends who live throughout the country that we will be staying with/meeting up with.
    ~we are trying to do this in 2.5 weeks (we have longer if we need it, but we are having a house/dog sitter) from June 30th on.

    This is our GOAL:
    ~Start in Rochester, NY and head west
    ~Meet up with a friend in St. Louis for a day
    ~End at our friends in San Diego
    ~Head back

    What we would LIKE to see: (we are not very far in the planning process yet!)
    ~Missippi River
    ~Las Vegas (timeshare--possible 2days)
    ~Grand Canyon
    ~Rocky Mountains

    Our Budget so far: (we certainly have wiggle room, but we are trying to be minimalistic with what we have and not create a need for further consumption)
    ~Lodging--$600 (considering there is no fee for our timeshare rental at the point of use), but knowing there will be places where we need to stay that we can't use our timeshare points.
    ~Food--$450 (mostly cooler/grill and a bunch of meals here and there--a girls gotta eat right?)
    ~Sights--$350 (definitely a NP park pass and other museums/venues)

    TOTAL--$2000 ( I think I'm overshooting what a minalist would say, but these are MY realistic numbers considering he likes a $6 pint every once in a while and loves live music which costs a ton--plus I can't sleep even a NIGHT in the car, everytime I do it sucks...)

    Does anyone think this is reasonable? Our "roadtrip experience" together has been traveling roundtrip to Myrtle Beach from Rochester (approx. 14hrs) in a straight shot--we've done this about 3 times before I INSISTED on staying in a motel after 10 hrs of driving. My "cranky" limit is about 7hrs of driving... We know ourselves well and our triggers, but I just want i to be fun and I'm getting nervous! As a child I spent every year driving roundtrip to FL in a straight shot--sleeping in the car (with 4 ppl) for a couple of hours at a reststop. I know what it's like to "hold it" and how NOT fun that type of roadtrip is...

    thanks for all your help! I am open to any and all suggestions!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you've got a pretty good basic plan that seems pretty well thought out.

    The only two areas where I see potential problems:

    Gas Budget - It seems on the low side. Just with your point to point distances, I think you'll be looking at closer to $750 for fuel, and I'd build in some extra pad for driving around cities/parks/etc to push that number up closer to $900. That's assuming gas prices don't go much over the $4 this summer.

    Timeframe - This is probably more of a concern. Just to drive between NY and SD, you'll need about 10 days round trip to drive at a reasonable pace. That only leaves you about 7 days left for exploring cities, visiting with friends, and detouring off the direct route.

    I think you are in a good starting point though, and you could start to plot out a rough plan of your trip where you would be each night to see how much of this trip you will be able to fit in or if you want to add a little more time.


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