After picking up the State of Ohio's National Road Travel Guide, I knew that I had to drive a segment of it on my return from North Carolina in April.

This is the best state guide I've ever seen and strongly suggest that anyone touring the old road, the nation's first federally-funded highway, should order it from the state or pick it up at a welcome center. I got mine on the I-70 center at the west side of the state.

It has a short history of the road, cultural events, parks and natural areas and then breaks the road into segments starting from the eastern part of the state. It gives a brief history of towns and villages as well as structures to look for and places to eat.

It also spotlights certain things like old road segments, brick segments, toll-houses, early 20th century auto tourists, colloquialisms, roadside advertising, and road signage.

You will see stuff left over from the pre-automobile age and the US-40 days.

The authors, Glenn Harper and Doug Smith and various agencies who funded it are to be commended for a job well-done.

Probably the only drawback is that it goes from the east to west.

A Traveler's Guide to the Historic National Road in Ohio

Keepin' on Down that Old National Road. --RoadDog