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    I am trying to determine priorities for my 3-week trip in September. One of the possibilities is stopping at the Idaho Falls, Colorado area after my stay at Rocky Mountain National Park and driving up Mount Evans (supposedly the highest drivable road in North America at around 14,200 feet). Has anyone done this drive? Is this worth taking a day out of my schedule for?

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    I had no idea this was available. Looks to be somewhat recently opened. I don't think it was there "back in the day" when I last was in CO in summertime, which was June 1994.

    Man, I'd do that in a New York minute. I went up the gravel road to the top of Mauna Kea on Hawai'i's Big Island about 2 years ago, and it was incredible. That one tops out at 13,800'.

    Be advised the vehicle will likely run very poorly on the way up, and make sure you transmission brake to the fullest extent possible on the way down.

    And post a report!


  3. Default High Mountain Drives

    The drive to the top of Mt. Evans is definitely worth the doing, at least it is if you like high mountain scenery. Unless you just want to hang around, it should only take you 1-2 hours to go up and come back down from the main road, and another 1/2 hour from I-70. Be aware that the road is narrow but paved. Last time I was there the pavement needed some work. At the top is a small parking and turn around area which can get congested in the summer. Take nothing larger than a car or passenger van up there or turning around might be a problem. I'm sure that you will go over Trail Ridge Road in RMNP which is also a great scenic drive.
    You should also consider driving up the Pikes Peak Toll Road in Colorado Springs. It takes you to the summit of Pikes Peak at 14,110 ft. above sea level. That road is much wider and better maintained, as it should be for a toll road. It has a very large parking area at the summit and a gift shop / restaurant. Not as primative and natural as Mt. Evans, but still a great scenic drive.

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    I was in Pike's Peak area last year. I camped at Mueller State Park (great place) which is at about 10,500 feet on the side of Pike's Peak. I decided not to take the trek to the top in the car because it was crazy expensive (like $35) just to drive the road and I had heard reports that it was very commercialized up there. I'm thinking that waiting a year to do Mount Evans is the better, cheaper choice that is more rustic and is actually the highest drivable road (higher by more than 100 feet).

    I'll also be doing Trail Ridge Road in RMNP and then working my way up to Glacier National Park to do nine days of camping and also driving Going-To-The-Sun Road which I've heard is the most beautiful drive in the country.

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