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    Default Road trip from Georgia to I have no idea where

    Hi, I live in kennesaw Georgia and I haven't really ever left the state and I would like to finally change that and go on a road trip with some of my friends. Me and my friends are photographers and are looking to take a week or two road trip north and stop by as many sights and beautiful landscapes to photograph as possible. But we sadly have no idea what is there and have never traveled before so I could really use some help on a good path of sights to take on our way north..any idea would be great! thanks!

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    Default One Wanderer to another

    First of all, I think it is wonderful that you and your friends are starting out on a journey that will produce memories that will last a lifetime and provide a stimulus for future explorations.

    I am about to give a possible route that will show you some of the best that the Eastern USA has to offer. Since you did not not give an exact time limit, you can cut it off and head home at most any point.

    One thing you and your friends have to decide (and both are correct because it is your trip!) is to see much but with out the depth or spend more time at each spot along the way.

    Go to Asheville, NC and take the Blue Ridge Parkway/Skyline Scenic Drive to Front Royal, Va. Take US 11 (try to stay off I-81) until it intersects with US 15 and take it all the way to Rochester, NY. (be sure to stop at Gettysburg Battlegrounds for a full tour and eat the food in town, especially the shoe-fly pie). Take US 20 over to Niagara Falls.

    For the return trip you want to come down the coast all the way. Go into Atlantic City and head south to Cape May. Catch the ferry across. Stay on the coast past DC and take the Bay-Bridge Tunnel. Catch US 17 and take into all the way back to Georgia.

    I hope that gives you a glimpse of what can be seen along the way. Please do a bit of research to fill in the details and get a better view of it.

    Just remember the journey is more important than the destination.

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