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Thread: MD to Maine?

  1. Default MD to Maine?

    Hi! new to the forum, jsut wanted a view tips/comments on the trip im planning for the summer.

    i plan on going out for about 8-10 days, going from MD to north of NY, not 100% where I want my final destination to be, but I want more of a tourist are (with hotel, beach,etc). I plan on keeping it really cheap (except for the last night), and would like to bring someone (have no one in mind yet, would rather not go solo [first road trip]. I have a friend in Philly, and a possible hook up in NY but thats about it.

    im curious/concerned about...

    where to stay - whats cheap/free?
    also, is it illegal to sleep in my car?

    some neat attractions/beaches/areas on the east coast I can visit. I am really interested in visiting different towns and getting some diversity.


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Sleeping in the car is a topic that comes up quite often. While it is possible, you'll want to check out a few of the threads on the subject. Such threads can be found here, and here.

    You'll also want to check out our article on cheap road trips.

    I would recommend checking out camping in state parks along your route. They're not free, but it will save you quite a bit of money over the cost of a hotel.

    As far as touristy areas North of New York City - that's like shooting fish in a barrel. You could go up to the Adirondacks, or anywhere along the coast of New England. Since you're looking for a beach area I would suggest either the Long Island sound area of Connecticut or Cape Cod. In Maine, reas such as Ogunquit and Wells Beach would meet your criteria.

    Vermont has some gorgeous beach areas along Lake Champlain, but generally Vermont's "touristy" season is winter skiing time.

    If you're looking for cultural diversity, your best bet is going to be Boston.

  3. Default "Must See!" in specific towns/areas?

    I plan on taking an 8-10 day road trip from Baltimore,MD to Cape Cod, Conneticutt and was wondering if there are any must sees along the way that you guys can suggest. I am into music and arts, and plan on going to atleast one show during my trip (depending on what bands are touring/where/etc). In addition im really into food! Also, I plan on roughing it as much as possible to save $$$, any suggestions on where to stay during my trip? (I plan on going mianly I-95, but I am flexible with that).

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