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    I am excited to find this website. My husband and I are taking my step son and sister on a road trip this summer. We are very excited but having problem with finding a campsite in Utah.

    Our plan is to leave from Portland, Oregon and camp somewhere off of I-15 in Utah for two nights then head to the Grand Canyon for a few nights then to Colorado for my husbands family reunion and then back to Portland staying in Idaho for a night.

    What I am trying to find is a campsite in utah close to I-15 somewhere outside of Salt Lake City. I have searched the campsites on reserve america but the problem that I am having is figuring out where exactly the campsites are. We don't want to be more than 20 minutes or so given that we have a lot of time in the car to get there and to get to grand canyon. The kids are 6 and 8.

    Any ideas?



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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I think that you have a much bigger difficulty than just finding a suitable campsite in Utah. Portland to Salt Lake City is a hefty 770 miles and that is certainly more than you can accomplish in a day's driving, especially with two small children and having to set up a campsite before going to sleep. We generally recommend no more than 500-550 miles of driving a day. Similarly Denver to Portland is over 1250 miles. That is just too much to try to accomplish in two days with young children. The first thing you need to do is come up with a bit less ambitious plan for your overall trip before concentrating on the specifics of which campground to use.

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    Thank you for your reply. I am open to suggestions. We just felt that it was better to go a little further the first night into Utah and to stay two nights than to stay one night in Idaho and one night in Utah. We usually just camp in Oregon/WA where it take a day to get to. We have to be in Cortez by Friday and we want to to the grand canyon.. so with our limit time I am just trying to make it all work.

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    Hi Jill!

    I usually travel with my three kids (4, 6 & 12) by myself. My husband can't take off of work for months at a time while the rest of the family lives like gypsies! I have to agree with the 500 mile a day rule. We are avid campers, but it does take a while to set up the campsite even with my very accomplished 12 year old helping out. What I like to do when we travel is to do a stop-over in a hotel if I have a long day of driving planned.

    Here's an example: Last year we went to the Grand Canyon from our "homebase" here in Northwest Florida. Our routes are often very circuitous because we like to make side stops and see neat things. The first day we drove 4 hours to just outside of Jackson MS and camped 2 nights at the petrified forest. Then from Jackson, we drove straight through to Austin TX and checked into a hotel. It was about an 8 hour drive, and there was no way I was going to set up a tent with three whiny kids. The next morning we got up and set up our camp.

    My rule is that I need about 3 hours to set up and take down a campsite, so I don't like to drive more than about 5 hours if I'm planning to set up camp for the night. If I need to make better time and drive straight through, I get a hotel. The nice thing about the hotel is that you get a chance to 1. take a nice long no-quarters-required shower and 2. repack your gear & 3. do laundry.

    If I was making your trip, I'd do a hotel on the drive down, and do the camping at the Grand Canyon. I also like to drop in on my family and friends for a night. They never really mind one night and it save me my hotel money! Of course, I'm assuming that you're tent camping and not RV'ing. If you've got the RV, it's a totally different ball game. I usually do the state parks or national parks because their cheap.

    The leap-frogging thing (hotel, camp, hotel, camp...) works really well for us. Hope that makes sense!

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